Maharashtra MLA’s strange advice which has become controversial… Animal lovers are angry… What happened?


First Published Mar 6, 2023, 11:11 AM IST

Achalpur independent MLA and Prahar Janashakti Party leader Omprakash Babarao’s suggestion to the Maharashtra government to control the dog population is drawing criticism. Animal lovers are furious with him. He said that all the stray dogs from Maharashtra should be sent to Assam because people living there eat dog meat. He said it was a viable option to deal with the dog population in the state.

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Kadu made these comments in response to a debate on the issue of stray dogs in the Maharashtra Assembly raised by MLAs Pratap Sarnaik and Atul Bhatkhalkar. He said it would be wise to send all the stray dogs from the state to Assam as the people there eat dog meat. He suggested that in Assam, dogs are being sold at Rs.8,000-9,000 and traders should be brought from there and an agreement should be made with them.

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His comments became a topic of discussion. There was outrage from animal lovers. In this regard, Taronish Balsara, founder of World for Animals NGO, said that the MLA was making inappropriate and strange statements. “It goes against the good work the government is doing for animals. “Killing and slaughtering dogs is completely wrong,” he said.

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He said that people are not aware of animal laws, so they should be made aware of them first. “Birth control is a legal, ethical option. Non-sterilization of dogs is a big problem… I don’t know about the legality in Assam, but it is not legal to move dogs in Maharashtra,” said Balsara.

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“Dogs are not meat for humans. Companion animals. Of course dog meat contains various harmful toxins. Animal birth control is the only ethical, effective method to help the stray dog ​​population. This should be handled by the local authorities in a very strategic and structured manner. All animals have the right to live with dignity. At a time when the world is moving towards vegetarianism, ethical and sustainable practices, it (MLA’s announcement) is unnecessary,” said Meenal Rajda, co-founder of Youth Organization in Defense of Animals.

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