Mahesh-Rajamouli movie exclusive update.. Is this really a shocking news for the fans?

It is known that a movie is coming under the direction of Rajamouli with Mahesh as the hero. This film is going to be released as “SSMB29”. Jakkanna, who is currently busy with ‘RRRR’ Oscar promotion, is going to relax a bit and concentrate on Mahesh’s film after the completion of those programs. But there are speculations that this movie will start this year. In fact, it was reported that it will start at the end of last year. Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad also gave the same hint.

But it didn’t happen as expected. Rajamouli is currently busy with the work of ‘RRRR’ going to the Oscars. This time, Indian cinema is working hard to win the Oscar. Promotions are spending crores. It is being promoted strongly in Hollywood. As part of these promotions, the range of the film to be made with Mahesh is going to change in the background of the popularity they are getting. Rajamouli decided to take it in international standards. The film is planned to be screened on a large scale in the background of his increasing contacts internationally. Moreover, it is reported that actors and technicians with international image are also going to be hired. It is going to be screened with a budget of around one thousand crores.

Vijayendra Prasad said that this movie will be adventurous in the background of African forests. Rajamouli revealed that Mahesh will play the role of an adventurer who travels around the world. It will be like Indiana Jones. Writer Vijayendra Prasad is currently working on this film script. It is said that there is a chance that the film will start in the second half of this year. In this background, an exclusive update regarding this movie has come to light. If not, this will be a shock for Mahesh-Rajamouli fans. It can be said that it is a news that especially disappoints Mahesh fans. The real thing is that till now the script work of this film is only 20 percent complete. Vijayendra Prasad is in the process of turning the idea into a script which is not even half way through the writing stage itself.

Moreover, it is reported that this movie will be adventurous, but the background of African forests is not real, that background is different. The currently ongoing script has to go to Rajamouli, it is known that the story will be post-mortemed with him, after which the script will have to be worked on again and the story will have to be carved in two or three stages. On this account, it is not surprising that it will take another year to complete this script. Moreover, there is a chance that the Mahesh-Rajamouli film will start in the summer of next year, or in the second half, according to reliable sources. And we need to know the truth in this.

Currently Mahesh is doing a movie with Trivikram. It is under filming. It will take time to complete. The film is likely to be released by the end of this year or next year. While Pooja Hegde is playing the female lead, Srileela is playing the second heroine. Harika and Haasi is produced by Creations.


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