Malini who broke up with Arvind.. Malli holding Mali’s legs?


First Published Feb 21, 2023, 1:55 PM IST

In today’s episode, Malli remembers the words of Malini in the past and thinks. Arvind says that sister Malini had the same mind before me, then Arvind says that if you go away, I will not agree, Malli, don’t let such a thought enter your mind again. If I don’t want to go, you should go and talk to Malina’s sister. She says try to be like you were with Malini’s sister earlier. She says to talk like before and give courage to sister that you are there. Then Arvind leaves from there.

On the other hand, Malini is in tears as she realizes what has happened. Meanwhile, Arvind comes there and says that he wants to talk to you for a while, so she asks if you have time to talk to me. What do you say, it happened again, it was wrong, sorry, that’s all, I didn’t do anything wrong. Arvind says that it is not a big deal there. Malini says I understood one thing, you came here to fight with me. Malini says they are suffering at home because of you, Malini says think about me, Arvind, I am suffering because of you, Malini.

Then Arvind tries to please, but Malini does not listen and speaks as if what he said is correct. Now leave all that, I will say swari ten times, not once, Arvind says I am doing all this for your swari. I didn’t mean that, Malini says whatever I do, you will be like before, Arvind says you can’t do what I said, that’s why I took one thing. Arvind is suddenly shocked by Let’s Breakup.

Arvind is surprised that I want to break up our relationship. Arvind says let’s stay apart for a few days and see if love will develop between us then Malini says yes. Malini says sorry and leaves from there saying no change in your decision. Then Anupama asks Malini where she is going when Malini takes her luggage and goes downstairs, she says that she is at my house.

Malini says what happened, why did you say suddenly, I have no peace of mind here, I want to stay there till my mind breaks. Then Anupama will be shocked by Malini’s words. Then Anupama calls everyone in the house and says Arvind, do you know that this is going to Mali’s birth house, and he says, “Damamma”. Arvind’s elder says that when husband and wife have serious quarrels, they should sit down and resolve it, but this should not be done.

Chudamma Malini says that our women have patience like Bhudevi, I have been patient since many days. I can bear Arvind’s anger, but Arvind has completely changed and his love for me has diminished, so she bursts into tears again. I can’t wait to see Arvind show his love for me like a beggar in front of a temple. Malini says that is why she is leaving. Malli goes and falls on Mali’s legs while leaving the place saying boy uncle boy uncle.

I am sorry Malini Akka says it is because of me that you two are staying away like this. She says I won’t do such crazy things again, forgive me sister, don’t go sister. You didn’t do anything wrong. She says it’s Arvid’s fault. Malini says Arvind, you also know that I will not do anything wrong, there must be some reason, so I am asking what is that reason. Arvind says to Malini, I understand that you decided to go no matter what I said.

What you don’t know is that Malli has sent me to convince me that we should meet, but Malli says, don’t you think you should talk to me? Have you seen or heard that Attayya can’t stand this love and I am leaving, Malini will leave without hearing anyone calling from there. Then Arvind realizes what happened and feels sad. On the other hand, when Malini went to the house, everyone was happy in the house, while Vasundhara came there and said why Malini came so early, I thought you would come back late from the house, Sarath immediately says, Vasundhara, don’t you speak good words.

Vasundhara says you are seeing Malini happy, I am talking like that seeing tears in her eyes. When Vasundhara says the same, Malini says that she is not really happy and at peace. Then Sarath Chudamma says again that what your mother is saying is a lie, Dad says that what mom is saying is true. Sharat gets shocked saying I am not at peace. That’s why Dad told me to stay here for ten days, if not for ten days, then stay for ten months, then Vasundhara says what else Vasundhara has to say to her daughter, how else should I talk.

Then Sarath tells their mother in an understandable way and says no need. Vasundhara says my daughter doesn’t have to live in hell there, my daughter shouldn’t live like me. Then Vasundhara will talk about Malli as much as she can.

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