Mallika branded Janaki as a thief… Is Mallika serious about Gyanamba?

First Published Feb 9, 2023, 10:44 AM IST

Janaki Kalaganaledu: The TV serial Janaki Kalaganaledu continues on the backdrop of a good family story and impresses the audience. This serial continues with the concept of family dignity. Now let’s find out what happened in today’s February 9th episode..

In today’s episode, you suspect who took Gyanamba, so whoever has more needs, they will do it. We are working. She says that they are eating what I put, but he does not need anything like that. Mallika says that Akhil got a job and Jessie will not move out of the house either. Then Vennela and Govindaraju ask who else are you suspicious of, Janaki and Ramachandra are shocked when they say who has more income and less expenses except Janaki. Everyone gets shocked when Mallika says that’s why I am suspicious of Janaki.

Then Ramachandra Mallika will understand what he is talking about and he will be serious about Janaki’s need to steal your ring. Jessie says it is not good for Janaki to hold her sister and say such a thing. I heard that Janaki was talking to her brother-in-law and that she had taken a loan from someone for college fees. The money from that cart is not enough to cover the house. Govindarajulu says that from where do the thousands and thousands of fees come from. Mamaya garu says that Ramachandra Kudabetti is studying Janaki, where does Kudabetti get so much income.

Then everyone is silent and Mallika speaks as much as she can. Then I am politely leaving the wife of Ramachandra’s younger brother. If you have doubts, go and get checked, he says. Then Mallika searches the whole kitchen saying that I have a doubt that I will do that check. Now Mallika is searching the whole kitchen while everyone is staring at Mallika. Then Mallika searches the entire kitchen and says I doubt if it is in that bag after searching everything, Ramachandra takes out the bag and gives it to Mallika. Then everyone gets shocked when Mallika and Janaki take out the ring from the bag.

Mallika says Janaki has my ring with me as I suspected. He says that the brother-in-law said that your wife was in the fire, but if it had been for a little while, this ring would have fallen into the fire and burnt. Then everyone in the house speaks in support of Janaki. Then did you see Mallika and Vishnu crying like a thief saying that my ring is gone, no one in the house is suffering and everyone is doubting me. Even after this, we don’t need to stay at home, let’s go. Then Gyanamba says that you are talking like that who called you now and Mallika is crying and playing dramas.

Now Govindarajulu, Gyanamba asks you Vishnu if your wife is talking all the words. Mallika asks why the father-in-law doesn’t say anything to the daughter-in-law who stole, but Anna also talks at home and asks if we should stay. Vishnu says, “Amma, how are you asking me to stay even as I am not allowed to stay in the house even for a moment and I am not allowed to go?” Everyone is suddenly shocked when he says that you are calling me my wife without saying anything. Mallika says that we will see a good day and leave, but Gyanamba says that everything is your favorite, but we are not showing your bigness and bigness on us.

Gyanamba is shocked as he says that if you prevent us from going, you will have to forget that you are an uncle. Mallika says please save your dignity and leaves. Then Vennela says don’t care what you do, Janaki says that I am saddened by all the words of my father-in-law rather than calling me a thief. After that, Gyanamba is saddened by the things that happened. Meanwhile, Govindarajulu comes there and sits. He says that even after the words come out in their minds, what knowledge is there?

Then while both of them are saddened by what happened, Janaki is saddened to hear their words. Meanwhile, Akhil and Gyanamba went to them and said that mom will be late for me to come from office, I have just joined, Jessie is also thinking about me, Gyanamba asked what to do now, my uncle came from office to their house, I, Jessie, want to go to my uncle’s house. Gyanamba and Govindaraj are shocked. Those words shock even Jana. Then Gyanamba says if you want to leave the house, look for something else but you can’t leave the house.

Then Gyanamba asks what should we do if everyone leaves the house and says that we are going from here to there. Gyanamba says I will not agree to let you both go. Jessie also told me to tell you about this matter and my uncle also told me to come. Akhil says that there is no long days or months after which the work in the office will decrease and then we will come back here. Then Jessie comes there. Then Govindaraju says that the wisdom will let them go. Gyanamba says ok come and go. Then Jessie tries to speak but Akhil calls inside saying it’s not that, listen to me.

Then Jessie says you are doing very wrong, Akhil says if this is the case, our lives will never change, listen to me. Akhil says selfishly that he has been suffering for so many days without a job, now that he has a job, he does not want to be alone at home. Akhil says if you don’t want me then stay here with them and I will leave. He says, “You said it’s not my word, you don’t want me, Jessie.” He says that I will remain like this as I never thought that they would change like this and talk like this. After that, he thinks about what happened in Malayalam and feels sad. Later, Gyanamba is saddened by the things that happened. Meanwhile Ramachandra comes there.


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