Malvika gave a deadline to Veda.. Vasanth accepted Yash’s proposal!


First Published Mar 10, 2023, 12:01 PM IST

In the beginning of the episode, Malvika comes there while Yash and Veda are showering Holi. Vasanth goes to Malavika and asks why did you come here. Malavika looks at Vasanth for color but Vasanth pushes Malavika’s hand aside. Vasant says why did you come here, if everyone is happy, can’t you just watch.

I am your own sister, even though we are related by blood, why are you so wrong about me, why are you so angry with me? Malvika says there is no one who got divorced before me, why do you talk like I have done something wrong, I got divorced in public.

You are the only one who divorced her husband and joined another Panchana. Vasant says then you have cut all ties with me. I didn’t come to trouble you. Vasant, help me a little. I want to live hundred years with Abhimanyu.

In order to get married to her, their elder sister told me to marry someone from my birth family on my behalf. I am telling you to take my younger brother’s place for one month, that’s all, Vasanth got very angry and said that if I die, I will not do that job.

He angrily pushes Malavika aside saying please leave. Then Malavika holds a gun and if you don’t agree I will shoot me and I will die. .

Veda comes and throws the gun next to Yash while pointing that he will die as his ex-wife. Veda says you have no close relationship with me and no friendship but like a fellow girl you can understand my pain please convince Vasanth I am giving 24 hours time my life and death depend on you and leaves from there.

That night Vasanth is sitting by the tree and thinking about everything that happened, meanwhile Veda comes there and Vasanth hears Malvika’s words once and says to Vinuth that he only came for a month and married her. Do I have a conscience?

He says I can’t do that mentally, please don’t force me. While Veda was leaving from there, I heard Yash coming there and talking to Veda, I was also sad. What Malavika did was wrong, she rejected me and lived with another for six years, but she could not get over Abhimanyu.

Now its life will improve. But I’m not angry at all because I have what I once didn’t have now she left me saying no money now I’m the best CEO. I was able to trample Abhimanyu with my left foot, but not me, she went away and performed the first marriage ceremony, but now Veda, who is like a goddess, has come.

The father of my children. I have become a good wife but now Veda should be more angry with Malvika than me or you. No matter how many tricks Malvika tried to prevent me from marrying Veda, she stood in front of us all.

If my child’s mother lives without respect in the society, it will affect my children. Vasanth agrees that I am asking for my children’s future. Veda gets happy and thinks that I am very proud to be Mrs. Yashodar. Next morning, strike gold and call him home and show him the bracelet.

She says it’s for him, while hearing that, he comes there and says thank you, the bracelet is for me. No, I am buying for our Srivari, she says, choose good ones. Saying that this is very good, Veda puts it on her hand and looks at it, while Yash sees the scene. Let’s see what happens next in tomorrow’s episode.

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