Manchu Lakshmi said that even in a fever of 103 degrees, it did not help

Lakshmi, who came from Tirupati to Hyderabad on an IndiGo flight, spent more time helping her at the airport than the time she traveled.

Manchu Lakshmi Angry At The Behavior Of Indigo Staff

First Published Mar 7, 2023, 1:09 PM IST

A few months ago, actor Rana Daggubati also expressed his displeasure with the performance of the Indigo staff. Rana, who had gone to Bangalore with his wife from Hyderabad, was troubled by Indigo. The Indigo flight for which Rana had booked tickets was cancelled. With this, seats were allotted to the Rana family in another flight. However, Rana’s luggage did not arrive in that flight. Rana took to Twitter to express his displeasure at the IndiGo staff at the Bangalore airport. Now Manchu Lakshmi faced almost a similar situation.

Actress Lakshmi Manchu has expressed her anger on the domestic airline IndiGo. She was very impatient with the performance of the staff. Lakshmi who came from Tirupati to Hyderabad by IndiGo flight

He quipped that the time taken by the IndiGo staff to help him at the airport was more than the time he traveled. To this extent, he made a series of tweets tagging Indigo Airlines.

“Forgot my purse and sat outside the gate for 40 minutes. Being nice to you is not work. Can any of your staff help me? Manchu Lakshmi tweeted questioningly. However, apart from the Indigo Twitter account, another account was tagged.

Correctly tagging Indigo Airlines in another tweet.. “I reached Tirupati from Hyderabad faster than the time Indigo staff helped me at the airport. But they disappeared in moments. 103 degree fever did not help. there any process for this? ” said. IndiGo company responded to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweets.

‘Thank you madam for talking to our manager at Hyderabad airport. We have learned that our staff has returned the bag you forgot in the flight. We wish you a speedy recovery. We hope you will travel on our plane again. If you need any kind of help in the future, feel free to send us a direct message without any objection,’ Indigo explained.

Last Updated Mar 7, 2023, 1:09 PM IST

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