Manchu Vishnu’s help to struggling actress Pakeeja.. The actress revealed on social media

Struggling Tamil comedian Pakeeja receives successive help from Tollywood. Telugu stars are offering a helping hand to Vasuki, who is angry that she is not being cared for in Kollywood.

Tollywood Hero Manchu Vishnu Help Tamil Comedian Pakiza

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 11:18 AM IST

All the days of filmmakers are not the same.. There are those who have earned crores of rupees.. There are those who have indulged in luxuries and then ended their lives in dire poverty.. Still many stars have done hundreds of films.. There are many who are in trouble because they cannot keep the money. Comedian Pakeeja alias Vasuki is one such person. She is struggling with money and family problems.. She is in trouble without even food.. Recently, she disclosed her difficulties through a YouTube channel. Tamil stars are not helping no matter how many people they ask.. She was upset.

After seeing this interview, Tollywood stars are helping her one by one. In this event, our president.. Tollywood hero Manchu Vishnu also came forward to help Pakeeja. Pakeeja’s plight has seen many actors do their best to help her. Megastar Chiranjeevi has already donated one lakh rupees and once again showed his generosity. Mega Brother Nagababu also showed his good heart by helping one lakh. Manchu Vishnu is the latest help to Pakija.

Manchu Vishnu will provide the Movie Artist Association card to Pakeeja with his own money. Actress Karate Kalyani shared this through social media. Previous1 to our association card. It was one lakh rupees. But now it has been reduced by 10 thousand to 90 thousand. Now he is going to pay the 90 thousand rupees due to this association on behalf of Manchu Vishnu Pakija and give her a card. Karate Kalyani thanked Manchu Vishnu in this regard.

Telugu audience will never forget actress Pakeeja’s comedy with Brahmanandam in Assembly Rowdy. She acted mostly in Mohan Babu’s movies. It seems that Mohan Babu has also assured her that he will help her in this project. Not only that, Pakeeja is also busy in Tollywood acting in some movies. Currently, Vasuki came to Hyderabad from Chennai and is staying here. Netizens are appreciating the kind heart of our Tollywood actors who supported the struggling Tamil actress.. in the form of comments.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 11:18 AM IST

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