Man’s dead body in a rotten state.. Women are attacked on suspicion, humiliated by putting sandals on their necks..

Mahabubabad: A brutal incident took place in Mahabubabad district of Telangana. A woman was paraded with a sandal garland around her neck. A man died because of her and committed such a barbaric act. It was the close relatives who committed such behavior and insulted them badly. The horrific incident took place on Monday in Tanda, a suburb of Dornakal in Mahbubnagar district. If we go into the details of the circumstances that led to this incident… a body was found near the Shiva temple near Munneruvagu in the town on the 10th of this month. It is in a state of decay.

The police have registered a case of suspicious death. A postmortem was conducted on the dead body at the spot. Preliminary investigation identified the deceased as a resident of Thanda on the outskirts of Dornakal. In the same sequence, the close relatives alleged that a woman from Tanda was responsible for the death of the man. Everyone attacked her together. A garland of sandals was placed around the neck and they were paraded. Speaking on this matter, Dornakal CI Venkataratnam said that the matter of insulting the woman did not come to their attention. Meanwhile, the police said that they are investigating the case of finding the decomposed body from all angles.

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Meanwhile, a similar incident took place in Madhya Pradesh in the past. An atrocity has happened in Madhya Pradesh. A 20-year-old boy and his friend were beaten up by the girl’s father, cut half of his head, and insulted with sandal garlands, saying that they were friends with his daughter. The incident took place in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

This terrible incident came to light slowly. The police arrested the girl’s father and three others in this incident. A case was registered on the complaint of a Dalit youth on this incident which took place on May 22. A case has been registered against the accused under the SC/ST Atrocities Act of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the details given by the complainant, Raj Kumar Deharia, he was in a relationship with a 19-year-old girl belonging to a prominent family belonging to the OBC community of the village. But when the young lady said that she was locked in the house and was not allowed to go out and did not even have a phone to communicate with, he borrowed his friend’s phone for a few days and gave it to her.

When the girl’s father came to know about the phone, the girl’s relatives brought Raj Kumar Deharia and his friend home. After that, he attacked and shot half of his daughter. Not stopping at that, garlands of shoes were placed around the neck. The two youths stated in their complaint that the accused threatened to harm their families if they told the police about this matter.

“A case has been registered to this effect. Rajkumar Deharia, a Dalit, gave a mobile phone to a girl belonging to the Yadav community. When the family came to know about this, a fight broke out. They beat up the youth. We took action immediately after receiving the information on May 27. We arrested the accused and produced them before the court. The court remanded them. Ravi Chauhan, a senior police officer, said.


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