Mansi who wants to take revenge in ten days.. Anjali PA is being unfaithful!


First Published Feb 24, 2023, 12:52 PM IST

At the beginning of the episode, Neeraj was very happy to see you like that, and says you have seen the change you wanted. Arya says that the change I want is not in Neeraj, but in Mansi, there will be happiness in the Vardhan family. Arya says let’s wait and see if that change will come. Let’s hope that day will come soon.

On the other hand, there has been a change in Niraj sir as Arya sir wanted and he is working dedicatedly. Kesava tells Arya’s mother that she did not listen to Mansi madam. Arya’s mother says that it is good, otherwise Mansi will play games and sing songs. Just then, Neeraj runs happily and says I have seen Dadi. When Arya’s mother asks where did you see her, Neeraj tells her that she got invited to a party where she invited Anjali to a party.

But Mansi is shaking with anger. If his mother asks how Arya is, he will have his own identity no matter where he is. He says that Dadane is the head of the company where we are typed. Dada was only away from home. Moreover, Vardhan never shied away from family responsibilities. He was once before us and upheld the honor of the family. Neeraj says Dada is now with us who is behind and leading towards victory.

You are right, Arya’s love is as wide as her heart. Wherever we go, it stays with us, says Keshav. Arya’s mother says take me to her immediately.. I want to see. He will not come home until the change that Dada wants is complete. That was a rule that Dada had imposed on himself. Neeraj says there will be no profit if we try. His mother sits in pain.

Neeraj comforts his mother by saying that don’t worry… the change that Dada wants will come soon. Neeraj leaves happily as she says ok. Arya’s mother calls Mansi and asks how is Anu, did you talk to her. It is characteristic that no matter what the circumstances are, Broinla says that whatever happens to her, Mominla says that you should not think too much and spoil your health. If you didn’t call her to come, then I didn’t want to meet them, she says and leaves angrily.

Arya’s mother says to Keshav that the day Arya will come to our house is near. You are right, I feel the same way. Keshav says as Neeraj sir said, we should wait till then. Hearing those words, Mansi gets angry. Anjali calls the person she has appointed in the company saying that if we really want to drive them out of this town.. are you planning to bring them home, if you have your plans, I have my plans. She says that the work is going on in full swing and extra site engineers have also been appointed.

That project should not be successful. Mansi says that is why I appointed you there. She says that I will take things here from time to time without their knowledge so that the project fails. Mansi hangs up the phone saying that no one knows that you are my man. Mansi thinks that after the success of the project, are you planning to return to this house and destroy your dreams in ten or ten days just like I challenged you.

On the other hand, Anu comes to the bathroom and is surprised to see Arya’s settings there. She asks what sir is all this. Arya says wait a minute and prepares a shower with a plate. If you ask for a shower, yes, you bring water with a bucket and take a bath. Arya says that’s why I made this arrangement. Anu says how do you know my every need. Arya says I love you. Will check how it works Arya. As it works well, it’s working and both of them are happy.

Meanwhile, Arya comes and asks what kind of dream are you in? Arya says what did you feel when you saw Anu come out of your imagination. In movies, heroes jump in the Pacific for heroines, they climb Everest, it means that everything is hard, but when they see you, they know that they can do anything for the ones they love. Arya says come take a quick bath and I will prepare sambrani and leaves. On the other hand Anjali comes near Bhumi Pooja. I am waiting for you while receiving her.

Yadagiri says let’s start the work if the puja starts. Yadagiri gets shocked when he asks where Anand is. Yadagiri says that if Pantulu calls Gari, he will start the puja. Anjali says let’s wait. Meanwhile, Anjali asks the manager who came there, Pooja is at 11:30, but will your gang leader come at 12? We reached at eight o’clock, madam, work was already complete in one section. The manager says that Anand is discussing with the team to start in this section.

Anjali goes saying let’s see. Yadagiri rushes saying that you are making the fruits of the sun without worship. Arya says that Anjali should have done the first pooja too, why did you do this? Now the time is 11:30 and at this time all the work that needs to be done in a day is done. Arya says that man power and mission power should be viewed correctly but any amount of work can be done. Yadagiri says do you worship without madam. Arya says I will do the pooja at the time I think, not at the time convenient for us.

Anjali and Arya increase their salary and reduce Yadagiri’s salary. Saying all the best to Arya and going to leave, she says what do you eat, your brain works like a shop. But Arya is not there to hear those words. Anjali says Guruji doesn’t like compliments. Anjali calls PA Mansi about the same thing. If our bro gets into the ring like this once in a while, he will think that if he does not achieve what he wants, he should stop this work somehow. Mansi hangs up the phone saying that she will send me all the details of those who are working on the site and I will look into it later.

On the other hand, one called him and asked him what are you doing, what did you do what was assigned to you, there they started work, soon Anjali became the MD of her company and then lost the property and said that I have to pay for your medical expenses. He says, I am waiting for time, I will not let it come till then. He says that our brother-in-law should not be made redundant here, but should be made redundant in this town, meaning that he will make it redundant in this world. Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.

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