MBS Jewelers Sukhesh Gupta before ED.. Second consecutive day of investigation..

Sukhesh Gupta, the owner of MBS Jewellers, once again appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials. Sukhesh Gupta, who appeared before the authorities at the ED office in Hyderabad on Wednesday on the orders of the High Court, is facing another investigation today. During the investigation on Wednesday, it seems that the ED officials questioned Sukesh Gupta about the MoU transactions entered into with the public sector organization Metals Minerals Trading Corporation (MMTC). It is also reported that his bank accounts have also been checked by the authorities.

It is known that the ED is investigating the irregularities in the gold business of Sukesh Gupta’s company. ED has registered a case on the purchase of gold from MMTC.. The owner of MBS Jewelers paid MMTC Rs. 500 crores fraud was found in the preliminary investigation. It is also alleged that there is cooperation of MMTC employees. In this order, the ED officials who conducted searches in the MBS showroom also attached many assets.

However, Sukesh Gupta challenged the ED notices in the High Court regarding this case. However, the High Court, which conducted an inquiry in this regard, ordered him to appear before the ED on 22nd of this month. However, in the name of investigation, Sukesh Gupta’s family cannot be harassed, the commentator said.


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