Mega heroes don’t care about Nagababu… What’s the meaning of those comments!

Nagababu is the only one who did not grow in career in Mega Brothers. Nagababu wanted to be a hero as Chiranjeevi’s younger brother. So he became a producer. Even there he was disappointed. All the films made by Chiranjeevi under the banner of Anjana Productions were flops. That sentiment did not leave Pawan Kalyan, Charan and Allu Arjun. Orange Disaster produced by Nagababu with Charan as the hero. Nagababu’s life turned upside down due to the losses brought by that movie.

After a little recovery, Allu Arjun joined the production partner in the movie ‘Naperu Surya Na Illu India’. The movie was an utter flop in Allu Arjun’s career. Allu Arjun took a gap of two years due to that movie. Sentiments are superstitions to hear but…believable every time it happens. Mega heroes also have another bad sentiment from Nagababu. Nagababu’s presence in Chiranjeevi’s movie is almost a flop. This sentiment came true in many films including Mrigaraju and Anji.

Nagababu himself admitted that mega heroes are not giving offers to Nagababu for any reason. Nagababu is rarely seen in mega hero movies. There is no need for other heroes to impersonate him. Seven or eight heroes in that family are enough to give one costume in each movie.

Sridevi Shobhan Babu movie is produced by Chiranjeevi’s elder sister Sushmita. This movie will release on February 18. With this, a pre-release ceremony was held. Nagababu who acted in this film said… We have many heroes in our house. But nobody makes offers. My honey (Sushmita) gave me opportunities in another web series along with this film. A star hero will make a film if he asks. But she wants to grow as a producer with her own power… she said.

Did Nagababu casually say that heroes don’t pretend to me in our house? Or did he reveal his impatience in this way? It is not known. Nagababu’s comments led to a debate in Tollywood.


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