Mithuna Rasi is their Telugu Panchanga Year Fruits

Another milestone in the run of time is this new year.. I hope this year brings you all the best.. Happy New Year Shobha Krit Nama Ugadi. How are the twelve signs of the zodiac cycle going to be for them this year? Who will be lucky.. what their lucky stars say. Who gets it together…who loses. Let’s find out in this year’s results how it will be for all zodiac signs.

We are announcing these results keeping in mind people belonging to all communities. If you are interested to know the complete results then consult the experienced Jyotisha Pandits for personal horoscope analysis based on your date of birth and get your horoscope chakra done by them and if you know the subject and practice appropriate methods then the results will be favorable.

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Gemini (Mrigashira 3 4, Arudra 1 2 3 4, Punarvasu 1 Past.
Guru:- From the beginning of the year I will roam in Meena Rasi which is tenth house and from April 21st I will not roam in Ekadasa Ekadashi house.

Shani:- I will not roam in the ninth house which is the auspicious house this whole year.

Rahu:-From the beginning of the year to 31st October, it will transit in the Ekadashi position of Aries and will not transit in the next tenth position of Pisces.

Ketu:- From the beginning of the year it will transit in the fifth house of Libra and from October 31st it will not transit in the fourth house of Virgo.

Going into the monthly results of this zodiac sign…

This year you will get success in the tasks that are planned by Guru Balanam. Physical exertion is reduced and peace is created. Mentally and physically stronger. Decisions taken for development will yield good results. Respect in the society increases. Access to employment for the unemployed. Those who do the job get access to power. Those who are waiting for children will get access to children. They will buy a new vehicle. This year will be favorable. There will be more people who will be jealous of you. Stagnation in father’s property matters. Family will develop. Parental access. Ashtama Shani is favorable for removal. Careers are encouraged in business. Newcomers buy vehicles. Marriage auspicious programs come together in the house. There will be peace in court affairs and disputes will be settled. This time is favorable for real estate development. Financially strengthened. New acquaintances come together. Efforts will be successful for those who make efforts for marriage. This year is very favorable for those who are political. Can get popular. Students pass the exams. Crop yields are good for farmers.

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Professional businesses thrive. Income streams are good. Will boldly move forward on key issues. Support from relatives is available. Anger should be controlled in business. Care must be taken not to incur unnecessary expenses. Disagreements with superiors may arise.

Such methods are suitable. Financially strengthened. Financial gain in professional business. Employees get promotion. Long journeys come together. Participate in the auspicious functions of marriage. Face important problems with courage. Planned tasks will be accomplished as planned.

Good news will be heard. In the society, the talent will get less fame and prestige. Support from family members is available. They will succeed in everything they try. Spend this month in luxury. Emotionally and physically excited. Get health and peace.

They spend happily with relatives. Child development brings joy. Government related works will not go smoothly. Real estate sales come together. Financially it will be good. One can get profits in professional business. Your word will increase in value in the society.

Tasks are completed on time. Care should be taken to avoid conflicts between family members. Quarrels can arise between relatives. Caution is required before giving loans. Hear happy news. The help and support of the elders in the society is available. Home construction works will come together.

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There is a job and there is development. Will make progress in professional business. Family members spend happily. Peace of health is obtained. Development programs are initiated. Students will have higher education opportunities. Marriage efforts will bear fruit.

Mentally and physically stronger. Reputation increases in society. Your talent will be recognized in the family. All attempted work will be completed on time. Avoid middlemen. Decisions should be taken after thinking about investment. Live happily with spouse.

Travels of honor bring profit. Home construction works come together. The family members spend their time happily together. Professional businesses are profitable. Financially everything will be good. The help and cooperation of brothers and sisters will be available in the development programs. A new vehicle is purchased.

Professional businesses are satisfying. Your respect in the family will increase. Child development brings joy. Your talent will be respected in the society. Minor illnesses may occur. Anger should be controlled before doing business. Some events in our society are disturbing. A spouse’s word can matter.

A negative atmosphere is formed outside the house. Expenditures may occur in excess of income. A lot of debt has to be done. There may be problems with the authorities at work. There may be disturbances in the intended tasks. Investments in business should be considered and decisions taken. Physical weakness occurs. Get depressed.


There is no composure in dealing with hands. Unexpected problems arise. Health problems will increase. Placements can result in household changes. Every little thing is rushed. Loss of money occurs in land related matters. Obstacles in the work of the head. You have to face slander in the society.


Professional businesses are suitable. All tasks will be completed on time. Financially good. Get health and peace. Difficult problems are dealt with tactfully. Good deeds are done at home. Support from friends is available. Reputation in the society will increase. Participate in spiritual activities. All forms of development are not visible.

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