MLC Kavitha to be heard on March 11, ED clarified.

Today, the suspense about MLC Kavitha appearing before the ED has come to an end. The ED replied that Kavitha had asked her to appear on the 11th.

Kavitha investigation postponed to 11th march, ED larified - bsb

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 8:36 AM IST

Hyderabad: Finally the ED clarified by postponing Kavita’s hearing to 11. It is known that on Wednesday MLC Kavitha was given a notice to attend the ED inquiry in Delhi today. But she wrote a letter to ED saying that she will attend on 11th. There is no clarity on this till this morning. On the other hand, Kavitha reached Delhi last night. Many speculations have emerged in this order. Kavitha announced that a press meet will be held today at 1 pm.

When this news came to light.. is there no ED investigation? Doubts were expressed. Kavitha announced that a press meet will be held today at 1 pm.. Kavitha will not attend the ED inquiry? Did you get a reply to Kavita’s email from ED? What is going to happen is exciting. On the one hand, no clarity has been received from the ED so far. On the other hand, it is said that the press meet is being held only after Kavitha gets the information that her trial has been postponed to Ellundi. Something is going to happen in this order. Will there be a press meet at 1 o’clock? Will Kavitha attend the ED hearing? Will the speculations that Kavitha will be detained after the investigation come true? It is leading to intense debates in the political circles.

MLC Kavitha press meet at 1 pm? Is there no ED investigation?

ED has given a green signal for the investigation on 11th of this month, putting a curtain on this confusion. Kavitha replied to this mail saying that she will attend on 11th. This has brought clarity in this matter. The dharna to be held on the Women’s Reservation Bill near Jantar Mantar on March 11 will be held as usual. After that, Kavitha will attend the ED investigation. In this background, in the press meet in the afternoon, it is reported that Kavitha will speak on the issues of women’s reservation and Delhi Liquor Scans in the press meet.

Last Updated Mar 9, 2023, 8:36 AM IST

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