Model murdered by being cut into pieces.. Legs found in fridge.. Hunt for head.. Charges against three

The Hong Kong model suffered a terrible blow. She was cut into pieces and killed. Her legs were found in a fridge in a suburban house in Tai Po district. There, the police seized the equipment used to dismember her. Police are hunting for other parts, including the head.

Hongkong model brutally murdered, legs found in fridge, police trying to recover head and torso kms

First Published Feb 26, 2023, 6:47 PM IST

New Delhi: 28-year-old model Abby Choi was brutally murdered in Hong Kong. She was cut and killed everywhere. Hong Kong police said parts of her body were found on Friday. However, it was explained that her head, body and hands are yet to be found. It is said that her two legs were found in a fridge. Also, a meat slicer and an electric saw were also seized, he said.

Abby Choi is a local influencer from Hong Kong. She recently appeared on the digital cover of the fashion magazine Lowfish Monaco. After that she is often seen in local tabloids. She has not been seen since Thursday. She was last seen in Tai Po District. It was there that she was seen as a lost soul. In a statement, the police recovered a meat slicer and an electric saw from the crime scene in rural Tai Po district. Her two legs were found in the fridge of a house in the suburbs of Tai Po district. Also, tools used to dismember her body were found, police said.

Four people have been arrested in this case so far. Three persons have been charged in this case. However, their names have not been disclosed. It is known that the accused will be produced in court on Monday.

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Local broadcaster TVB reported the key facts, citing police comments. Choi’s ex-husband Alex Kwong was arrested on Saturday, police said. But, he was not charged. Meanwhile, her former uncle and his younger brother have been charged with murder. Choi’s former aunt was arrested for obstructing the investigation of the case.

Last Updated Feb 26, 2023, 6:47 PM IST

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