Mom, Dad Miss You: Satvik Mentions Harassment In Suicide Letter

Hyderabad: Satvik said that he could not bear the harassment and committed suicide. Before committing suicide, Satvik wrote a suicide letter. In the letter, Satvik said that he wanted to forgive him for committing suicide. In that letter, Satvik stated that Krishna Reddy, Acharya, Shobhan and Naresh harassed him. Satvik explained in that letter that he had no intention to hurt you. In the letter, Satvik stated that he and the students of the college were harassed. In the letter, she asked to forgive her for committing suicide. Satvik’s suicide letter came to light on Wednesday evening. This letter came out after Satvik’s post-mortem was completed.

Satvik, an inter-pastoral student, committed suicide at Narsingi Sri Chaitanya College last night. The parents and student unions have started protesting to take action against those responsible for this suicide.

Parents told the media that in the past, Satwik stayed at home for 15 days if college lecturers beat him. They told the lecturers not to hit Satvik but they did not care. Satvik’s father says that they have decided to transfer Satvik to another college after the exams are over.

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Satvik’s father came to the college campus two hours before he committed suicide. Satvik also brought the necessary medicines. Talked to Satvik’s father who took these medicines. The father also talked to the mother and brother on the phone. Half an hour after Satvik’s father reached home, his friends informed him on the phone that Satvik was serious. The parents of Satvik are expressing their grief that there is no information from the college management regarding this matter. The police have registered a case on the incident of Satvik’s suicide.


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