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The movies of star heroes are always stuck in the same mold in the commercial way. We are used to them. But every now and then when new directors and new heroes come, there is hope that new stories will come. Also, every time we try to open new concepts and stories that go beyond the routine, our audience continues to support us. But what they want is not to leave the soil in the name of innovation. Recently, a new director Shasidhar has made this film with the title of Mr. King with a new hero. Trailers and teasers created interest in the film. And is this novelty in the movie..what is the actual story of this movie, how did Mr. King give the title justification, let’s see in the review.

Story Line:

Siva (Saran), an engineering graduate, works as an RJ. He has a pure personality. Don’t settle for anything. Don’t get excited about anything. He is like cast iron. His frankness leaves those around him wondering and sometimes charming. There is no dependency in any decision. He is in constant conflict with the world. But within himself is perfect peace. It is rare for people to maintain peace while in conflict. He does not bow down to anyone and does not even like to tell a lie, he faces some problem at every step in life. To what extent will the world accept such a person?

His dream project is ‘Project Vayu’, a technology to fly a plane without fuel. Its approval faces problems. And when it comes to his love story…he falls in love with Umadevi (Yashvika Nishkala), the daughter of Sitarama Raju (Murali Sharma), who lives next door to his house. She loves him too. But Sitaramaraj does not like this. He does not want to give his daughter to a RJ who does not have much income. He tries to prevent him from marrying his daughter without saying that directly. What did Shiva do when he realized this…how did he win his love with his personality…how did he manage to get ‘Project Vayu’ off the rails, what is the role of Vennela (Urvi Singh) in this film..what is the relation of the cab driver (Sunil) in this story? You have to watch the movie to know things.


It is a story with multiple layers. Pure characterization drama. Lack of thought. Concentration sensitivity is high. Fewer twists. The key is for the hero to succeed in his mission ‘Project Vayu’…as well as win his love. But this story is unique in that the hero works hard and does not make special efforts. If his personality is strong, the problems will take care of themselves. The essence of the story seems to be that everyone cooperates and changes by understanding that personality. But on a regular basis, it is shown that our hero is setting up his problems and facing them with his shoulder strength or his intellectual strength. It is not seen here and we who are used to them feel a bit embarrassed. It is a narration that is usually present in a novel. The problem is to present it as it is…from that angle, plus both. When looking at it, it seems a bit complicated in some places.

What does the hero do..saying dialogues for a long time..it seems like he is waiting for something to happen. But when he comes to the pre-climax and climax, it feels good when he knows that everyone is convinced of his strong character. This is a thought provoking movie rather than a pastime movie. Reminds me of the “Howard Roark” character in The Fountainhead in English. Ayn Rand wrote that book to show what a man is. She wanted to write down what the man ‘who is’ wants and how he fulfills that desire. She made this novel as an epic of the victory of man’s consciousness, a hymn to the ‘I’ in man. The director tried to make almost such an attempt. Interval Bong has been designed in a thrilling way. Expectations are high on the second half. Usually, in such stories, the twist that comes in the climax is strongly emphasized. There is a twist in this too, but he ends it without dragging it too much.


Director Shasidhar has chosen a different plot for his debut film. Instead of being a new director, he presented what he thought neatly. Seniors like Muralisharma and Sunil were well presented. The new hero and heroines got the desired performance. But it would have been better if more care had been taken in the screenplay itself. Mani Sharma’s background score is good as always. Both are good. Especially the song on Sunil is the highlight of the movie. The camera work is well done. Construction values ​​are decent. Wrote some entertaining one liners. The director aims to engage the youth. Editing went smoothly without any jerks. The editor and the director were the same, so it went on with clarity.

Among the actors…Hero Sharan Kumar looked very natural on screen even though he was a newcomer. But the expressions in some scenes should be given better. Dialogue delivery is good. Urvi Singh is beautiful in heroines. Murali Sharma is the pivotal character. His presence in that role brought seriousness. He is new as a villain in the family. Software engineer Vennela Kishore is ripe to marry the heroine. There is something special about Sunil. He went on engaging his scenes. Actor Roshan as the hero’s friend … screen presence is good. It is the character who makes the story interesting. SS Kanchi, Shweta Pragatoor, IDream Anjali, Srinivas Goud, Mirchi Kiran, Jabardast Phani, Roshan Reddy, Rajkumar Samarthi, Srinidhi Guduru have done the rest of the roles.

Plus s

Characterization of the hero
Vennela Kishore Comedy
Camera work
Background score

Minus s

The scenes at the beginning of the second half
A complicated story
Multiple layers seem not to be dealt with properly

Final thought

If you want to see it as a complete love story, it will be difficult. The characterization is fine though. Overall it seems to be close to a romantic comedy.

Rating: 2.75
—Surya Prakash Joshula

Banner : Hanvika Creations,
Cast: Sharan Kumar, Nishkala, Urvi Singh, Murali Sharma, Tanikella Bharani, Sunil, Vennela Kishore, SS Kanchi, Swetha Pragatoor, IDream Anjali, Srinivas Goud, Mirchi Kiran, Jabardast Phani, Roshan Reddy, Rajkumar Samarthi, Srinidhi Guduru
Music Director: Mani Sharma,
Cinematographer: Tanveer Anjum,
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla, Ramajogaiah Shastri, Kadali,
Co-Producer: Ravi Kiran Chavali,
Choreographer: Bhupathi Raja,
Publicity Designer: Shivam C Kabilan,
Costume Designer: Kavya Kantamani & Rajashree Ramineni
Presents: Baby Hanvika Presents,
Additional Dialogues: Harikrishna
Producer: BN Rao,
Written & Directed, Edited by: Shasidhar Chavali,

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