Mukunda is behaving like a madman.

In the beginning of the episode, Bhavani says that you are the reason for such a fight in the house today, henceforth she will take good care of Nandini. Who cares, what a great father-in-law, what we need is Nandini’s health. But let’s use these tablets from now on, says Krishna. Krishna says to Nandu that from today don’t take tablets that give you headache, take these tablets.

Nandini says if you take these tablets you will not get headache. Nandini takes the tablets and leaves as the Krishna couple says that the original will not come. Bhavani says to Prasad and Ishwar that don’t worry about people going there, I will take care of them. Ishwar says Krishna doesn’t know about these cases and says how far the matter will go.

Revathi keeps looking at Krishna drinking coffee. What father-in-law is looking like that but Krishna means your mind is as pure as milk. Revathi says on the spot whether it is anger or pain. Krishna says everyone in our family is like that, why are they saying that. Revathi says, why are you drinking coffee so calmly, forgetting all the big fight.

My father used to say that things change with me from time to time but we should be as stable as the sky, says Krishna. Only the conditions are bad here, not the people. The decision taken by Bhavani’s sister in Nandini’s case is similar, Revathi said. Today I may look like a villain to you all against your seniority.

But Nandini fully recovers from her delirium within a few days. Krishna says I have more faith in medicine than me. Revathi happily touches her daughter-in-law. On the other hand, Mukunda comes close to Murari. Murari says what is love. That’s the question I have to ask you, Mukunda. Do you want me to answer love is not selfishness.

Love is not false belief and love is not acting. Nothing you do is out of love. It is called madness, says Murari. Mukunda gets angry with him. Murari says you heard right, I said right, you are behaving like a madman. Mukunda asks if she should give up love and accept sannyasin.

I don’t want a man I never wanted a body in your language I want a mind even now. Mukunda, that is what Premantaru says in your language. Murari says no matter how many times you say it, you get out and make me weak in front of my people. Mukunda says what is your pain, I am getting lost in the solitude of both of you.

Mukunda says who gave you the rights to call Krishna, Murari means who gave you the rights to sacrifice my love. What rights do you have to kill my love and tell me to marry your friend? How far you have come if you bring it to Peeta. You remember love because I came. What would I have done if I hadn’t come, and even then I would have married Adarsh.

You think you sacrificed your love but I sacrificed love. You will dress as a bride and sit on a pedestal, but when I appear, do you think I have sacrificed love for myself? Murari asks whether I would have gotten married if I hadn’t been seen.

Mukunda says that this Mukunda would have died on Peeta, not the wedding. Murari says I don’t believe it. Mukunda says I want you to talk down to me, but if you talk down to my love, I won’t go away. Murari says angrily, I will talk like this, what will you do?

Mukunda jumps from the terrace saying look what I will do. An alert Murari grabs her and pulls her up. He shouts what are you doing. Mukunda says release me, I will die and prove my love. I believe your love is great. You have to live, really sorry says Murari. Mukunda says you understand my love.

I tell you how much you have insulted me. If you had not come, I would have died on my feet, so you came, so I had to bow my head and clap my hands. In the end, the key to my life is your selfishness, even if you bend it, it is yours. You finally got married saying that no one has a place in your life. If you are alone with your wife you don’t know how much torture I am going through.

Mukunda bursts into tears saying, “My wife, you are belittling me.” Forgive me for hurting your heart in my anger, I have spoken belittle your love for me. But let’s remember one thing that our love has no chance of connecting us in this life, Murari leaves from there.

Seeing her absent-minded husband, Krishna asks if he is coming to see the suicide case. Suddenly shocked, Murari says why did you doubt. Krishna says what happened when I saw your face. Murari says no. Krishna insists that there is something. Do not listen to what your women say by scolding her.

Murari says that if you argue that nothing means there is something, I have given someone a word by sitting on something, but now I have become like a robot and become a toy to play with. Krishna says dead people are the ones you want so much, they are getting so emotional. Does this sound like an emotion to you, not an irritation?

I don’t know what will happen anymore, I don’t know what will happen if I say anything. Murari gets frustrated saying that he doesn’t even understand how to dean. Murari angrily says, “What am I, Krishna, I can’t answer your Yaksha’s questions?” When she comes from the bathroom, Krishna says that I am Krishna, thinking that the person covered with a blanket is Nandini and takes the blanket off.

Krishna says Murari, you cursed me, so I don’t want to see your face. Murari says will you go to the hospital like this. Don’t irritate me. This is my frustration means Indaka Murari, says Krishna. Murari says sorry. Krishna says my ego will not be satisfied if I curse 100 times once. Murari says I have shown someone’s anger on you.

Krishna says what you said has nothing to do with what I asked, I don’t want to see your face. Murari also sits on the same blanket, why are you showing your face, you don’t see my face, but I see your face, Murari says why did you shout at me, Krishna means my superior officer shouted at me.

Krishna says if you feel it, then let’s forget it, we are like ourselves. Murari said, “Aren’t you angry with me? I didn’t get angry this time, but I felt that the BP was too high and I laughed. I thought that if you laugh, Krishna, you will still get angry.” Murari laughs at those words. Krishna also laughs at that. Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.

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