Music director GV Prakash in GST complications, son-in-law of AR Rahman in controversy

Young music director. AR Rahman’s nephew GV Prakash is in GST trouble. Although he is not related.. Prakash approached the court claiming that he was taxed in crores of rupees. What is the real thing?

Music Director GV Prakash in Income Tax Problems

First Published Mar 12, 2023, 10:53 AM IST

There are many multi-talented stars in our south movies. There are many cases where music directors have become heroes in particular. Jeevi Prakash is one such person. Prakash, who entered the industry as a music director following AR Rahman as his role model, later made noise on the silver screen as a hero.

Jeevi Prakash, who worked as a music director for hit movies, also received the National Award. In his busy time as a music director, Prakash introduced his inner actor to the silver screen. Shabesh seems to be an actor as well. While continuing as a music director on the one hand, AR Rahman’s nephew is also excelling as an actor on the other hand. Recently Jeevi Prakash, who is stuck in tax complications, is talking about court and cases. They are struggling with tax problems.

So what is the real thing? Some time ago, a notice was given to JV Prakash by the Income Tax authorities. 1.84 crores service tax has been sent for paying service tax related to the rights of the music rendered by Jeevi Prakash Music. Prakash received these notices from the GST Joint Commissioner. It also requires to respond to notices within four weeks. Jeevi Prakash was shocked by this. Prakash wondered how to pay all the coats at once. Not only that, he approached the Chennai High Court in this matter.

Prakash filed an appeal petition in the court regarding the tax notices. What things did Jeevi Prakash explain in that petition? I do not own the copyrights of the music I have composed. I gave them forever to the filmmakers. Prakash stated in the petition that they are the real owners of all of them. The High Court heard the petition and issued orders to the Income Tax Department. Ordered to respond immediately in this matter.

And now Jeevi Prakash is creating a stir in the industry. It has become a hot topic of discussion in the industry. Many film directors are supporting Jeevi. The High Court ruled against the powers of the GST Commissioner, which means that GV Prakash will have to pay tax, and the rest of the music directors in the film industry will also have to pay service tax on the music they have composed. Everything has been thought through in this matter. There is information that they are discussing what to do.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2023, 10:53 AM IST

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