My wife is having an affair with a man who claims to be her brother.. She is casting spells on me.. Husband’s suicide note..

A man committed suicide by writing a suicide note saying that his wife was trying to kill him by having an extra-marital affair.

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First Published Feb 15, 2023, 12:02 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh: A man committed suicide in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This incident became a local sensation. The death of a man in Lasudia police station has brought tears to everyone’s eyes. After receiving the information regarding this, the police reached the spot and inspected it. After receiving the information regarding this, the police reached the spot and inspected it. After that, a case regarding suicide was registered and investigation was started.

The police found a suicide note written by the deceased at the scene. In it he wrote about his wife’s extramarital affair. Writing about it, he wrote, ‘I caught Krishna and Neetu when they were in the garden.’ Going into the details, a person named Hitesh Pal lives in Mahalakshmi Nagar under Lasudiya Police Station. He committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. He also wrote a suicide note stating the cause of his death before committing suicide.

My wife Neetu Pal had an extra-marital affair with a man named Krishna Rathore. I caught both of them red handed. I saw them together in the garden. Since then they have been threatening to kill me’, he wrote. I noticed that Krishna was chatting with you on WhatsApp for a few days. After they met in the garden I got to know many things from Neetu’s chat. She often goes to the dark room and gives expensive gifts. She used to claim Krishna as her brother. She also used to do cash transactions with him. A few days ago, Krishna also bought a car for Neetu. That car is in your name. Another woman named Rani Udasi is also an accomplice in this case.

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Krishna and Neetu used to cast spells on me in Rani’s house together. In this order, I was given slow poison for a year. My whole body turned black because of this.. I became depressed. All the things I am saying will come out in my postmortem. Police should investigate their chats. They should be punished. This is my wish. He wrote that these three are the reason for my death. Neetu is not only trying to kill me but also to write all my property in her name. After my death all my property shall be given to my son Prince and my parents. My wife wanted to kill me so she wrote my name in nominations everywhere. He also wrote that Rani, Neetu and Krishna are responsible for my death.

Apart from these, the deceased wrote many other things in his suicide note. He thanked some in that letter. He requested to help his son and family after his death. The investigating officer told the media that the death has been registered as a case of suicide. He said that as written in the suicide letter, the deceased’s wife had an extra-marital affair. He said that further action will be taken after the postmortem.

Last Updated Feb 15, 2023, 12:02 PM IST

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