‘My wife should be given maintenance.. buy a kidney.. or it will be a suicide program…’

Haryana: In Haryana’s Faridabad, a man has become a topic of discussion by roaming on the roads with a strange banner. What is written on that banner is ‘kidney ready for sale’ and ‘suicide program on March 21’ is written on both sides of the banner. A man is walking on the roads of Faridabad, Haryana holding this banner. All those who saw it were curious to know what it was. What is a suicide program? What is kidney selling? is the question on everyone’s mind.

In recent times, there have been a lot of news about wife victims’ associations and wife victims’ protests. Many husbands complain in various ways that their wives and their relatives are harassing them. No matter what the facts behind all of them are. If we go into the details of this incident that came to light in Haryana..

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A man is walking around with a banner saying that he will sell his kidney or suicide refuge. The name of the person carrying this banner is Sanjeev. He hails from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Sanjeev got married less than six years ago. Since then, he was harassed by his wife, brother-in-law and in-laws. They have increased day by day. Sanjeev, the victim, says that if he is unable to bear this and asks for a divorce, his wife will demand ten lakhs for the divorce.

He contacted the police authorities several times to relieve him from this suffering. Even so, he said that he is making a banner like this due to the lack of results. He said that he will give the money to his wife if his kidney is ready by March 21. If that doesn’t happen, he will commit suicide. He said that if his kidney is not sold by 21, the suicide event will be held in his hometown Patna.

He also printed the names of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Draupadi Murmu and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on one side of the banner to attend the suicide program. On the other hand, he got the photos of his wife, brother-in-law and other relatives to be printed. He is protesting innovatively by holding this banner. We have to see what justice will be done to him.



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