National Commission for Women chief on Nikki Yadav’s murder

National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma reacts on Nikki Yadav’s murder case. He said that when women have the right to choose their partners or if families respect that right, such incidents will be reduced. The police were ordered to submit a report on the incident.

if we allow women to choose their partners, ncw chairperson rekha sharma responds on nikki yadav murder case

First Published Feb 16, 2023, 7:19 PM IST

New Delhi: The National Commission for Women (NCW) has directed the police to submit a report on the murder of Nikki Yadav, which is causing a stir across the country. Nikki Yadav and Sahil Gehlot are in a live in relationship. Sahil Gehlot strangled her to death. Chairperson of NCW Rekha Sharma stated that not only the young women but also the families have a role in such incidents.

“We now feel that women are not safe in live-in relationships. Not only young women, but also families should be responsible for such incidents. When women have the right to choose their partners, such incidents will be reduced,” said NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma to ANI.

Police and families should also be careful about such incidents. Families should accept live in relationships. “We will take all major steps in this case,” she said.

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Nikki Yadav’s murder case is once again reminiscent of Shraddha Walker’s murder. Her murder is creating a stir across the country. The boyfriend who has been in a live-in relationship for four years got engaged to another girl without her knowledge. Next day wedding. When the girlfriend came to know about this, there was a fight. In this clash, he strangled her in anger. He kept her dead body in the car near their dhaba and went to get married without knowing anything. He took steps with his relatives. After getting married, he comes out again at night and comes to the dhaba to throw the girl friend’s body in a river or canal. On the one hand, while participating in the marriage plot, on the other hand, he made plans to kill his girlfriend and dispose of her dead body.

Last Updated Feb 16, 2023, 7:19 PM IST

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