Nationwide vaccine distribution program saved 34 lakh lives from Corona: Stanford University Report


First Published Feb 24, 2023, 2:37 PM IST

New Delhi: The central government has decided to distribute the vaccines that came alive during the time when the corona epidemic was like a haze, without delay, on a large scale that no one expected. It is known that the Modi government has started the vaccine distribution program across the country. A recent Stanford University report has revealed that the vaccine distribution program has saved the lives of more than 34 lakh Indians. Not only did it save lives, but it also brought positive economic benefits, she explained. It is said that this vaccine distribution program prevented a loss of 18.3 billion dollars.

This report (Healing the Economy: Estimating the Economic Impact on India’s Vaccination and Related Issues) prepared jointly by Stanford University and Institute for Competitiveness was released by Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia on Friday. Speaking on this occasion, he said that the Government of India has prepared for strict measures before WHO declares Covid-19 as a public health emergency in January 2020.

He added that by imposing the lockdown first, it is easier for the society to follow the five principles of Test, Track, Treat, Vaccination and follow the Covid protocol and the government can implement it. Also, it has been explained that it has become easier to take quick steps and implement decisions to deal with Corona. He said that the government has effectively and timely taken up the provision of necessary infrastructure, beds, medicines, transportation needs, N95 masks, PPE kits, medical oxygen to the corona patients, and at the same time, development of human resources.

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While doing all this on the one hand, the Union Minister explained that on the other hand, the Corona vaccine distribution program has been launched on a large scale across the country. He said that this is the largest vaccine distribution program in the world. He said that the first dose was given to 97 percent and the second dose to 90 percent. With this program, a total of 2.2 billion doses have been provided to the eligible. He reminded that we have brought digital solutions like Arogya Setu, Covid 19 India Portal, Ee Sanjeevani Tele Medicine Service.

The Stanford report also analyzed the measures taken by the Indian government to combat the corona virus. It said that instead of from the top to the field level, measures have been taken from the bottom up. This report mentions the details of field level contact tracing, mass testing, home quarantine, distribution of emergency medical equipments, revamping of health infrastructure from time to time, coordination at the center, state and district levels. It explained that these decisions have helped in the fight against Corona.

It explained that there are three main components of India’s Covid strategy, namely containment, relief package and vaccine distribution. The report said that these three measures not only save lives but also enable them to get immunity against the virus while continuing financial affairs. Thus, the Indian government explained that 34 lakh lives have been saved by the vaccine distribution program. It said that the vaccine distribution program not only saved lives but also kept economic activities alive. It explained that 18.3 billion US dollars in losses were avoided, including a net loss of 15.42 billion US dollars even after excluding the cost of the vaccine distribution program.

The report said that with the development of Covagin and CoviShield vaccines, the virus has been hit hard, not only by distributing vaccine doses to large populations, but also by significantly reducing the burden on the health system.

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