Naveen’s dead body identified based on tattoo: Father Shankar Naik

Hyderabad: The dead body has been identified as Naveen’s on the basis of the tattoo on the hand, said Shankar Naik’s father. After learning about Naveen’s murder, he said that the dead body was unrecognizable at the scene. Shankar Naik said that based on the tattoo on the dead body’s hand, they identified the dead body as Naveen’s.

Shankar Nayak said that when he called Naveen to attend his brother’s funeral after his death, his phone was switched. Shankar Naik said that while the funeral was busy with other activities, he also called Naveen’s friends.

Shankar Naik said that Hariharakrishna called them and asked if Naveen had come home. They said that they were called to Hyderabad to file a complaint in Hyderabad. But after they reached Hyderabad, Harihar Krishna switched off the phone.

Shankar Naik told the media that he had complained to the Narkat Palli police that his son was not seeing. Shankar Naik said that they filed a police complaint on 21st of last month.

He said that he does not think that Harihar Krishna alone could have killed Naveen. He doubted that anyone else might have helped Hariharakrishna. Shankar Naik wants Harihar Krishna who killed Naveen to be severely punished.


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