NCP MLAs to assembly with garlands of onions.. Protests for wholesale prices

It is known that onion farmers went on dharna in Maharashtra yesterday. In the agricultural market of Nashik, a kilo of onion costs Rs. 2, the cost per quintal is Rs. Farmers demanded to increase it to 1,500. Recently, NCP MLAs staged a dharna in front of the Assembly wearing garlands of onions around their necks. They carried onions on their scalps and agitated against the government.

ncp mlas protest with onion garland at maharashtra assembly

First Published Feb 28, 2023, 2:33 PM IST

Mumbai: Nationalist Congress Party MLAs protested by wearing garlands of onions around their necks. They reached the Maharashtra Assembly in the morning carrying onions in baskets. They protested the fall in the wholesale prices of onion. Farmers protested at Asia’s largest onion market in Nashik district to sell onions. Yesterday, the wholesale price of onions per kg here was Rs. Dropped to 2. Due to this, the sale of onions was stopped and a dharna was held.

Farmers protested in the market yesterday. Today NCP MLAs came to the Assembly carrying onions on their heads. They protested against the fall in the wholesale prices of onions. They demanded the government to increase the wholesale prices of onions and stand by the farmers.

Onion farmers protested at Lasalgaon Mandi in Nashik yesterday. Here is the price of a kilo of onions. 4 to Rs. They alleged that it had fallen to 2. A quintal of onion cost Rs. Onion farmers demanded immediate grant of 1500. Otherwise, they warned that onion purchases will not be allowed here.

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Here yesterday, a quintal of onion cost Rs. 200, that is Rs. per kg. He said that there are only 2. Maximum per quintal is Rs. 800, but the average is Rs. 400 to Rs. It was explained that it was 450. In the ongoing budget meeting of Maharashtra, the government will surely raise the price of onion per quintal to Rs. 1,500 should be announced, said Bharat Dighole, the leader of the Onion Cultivation Union.

In this regard, the farmers ended their protests when Minister Dada Bhusa promised to bring the farmers together with the state Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis. It was explained that regular auctions have started this morning.

Last Updated Feb 28, 2023, 2:33 PM IST

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