Netizens’ eyes on NTR’s watch in Oscar promotions and they will be shocked if they know the cast.

We saw the power of our Telugu people in Oscar. For many days, our heroes have been buzzing for Oscar promotion in Hollywood. Met the Hollywood star makers. In America, NTR and Charan were seen in a range of branded items without any reduction. News about NTR’s watch cast in America is going viral on social media. Do you know the cost of that watch?

In Oscar Event NTR Luxury Watch shocking cost

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 8:16 PM IST

Recently, the Oscar celebrations were held in a frenzy. Everyone was happy that our India got two Oscars this time. Especially Telugu movie RRR has set a new record for Tollywood with Oscar. Charan and Tarak, who went to America for the Oscar event, made a lot of noise there. Among the Hollywood heroes, our people have also gone together. The costumes worn by our heroes in this film. While everything is in Oscar buzz.. some netizens’ eyes are on the costly items used by these two heroes. In this event, the social media eye fell on NTR’s watch.

Before the Oscar, both Charan and Tarak also took part in the movie promotions. In every event.. in every interview, they shined in a stylish look.. It seems that they had specially designed dresses for the Oscars.. Both of them also looked ultra stylish in many promotions in Los Angeles. They looked like never before and gave a surprise to fans and audience. Especially Tarak’s superb dressing along with the watch on his hand is also attractive.. Because of this, the fans have been searching about the cost of their favorite actor’s watch.. They are shocked to know the price of that watch..

The watch Young Tiger is wearing is a Patek Phillipe Nautilus Travel Time. The price of this watch is literally 190,000 dollars. That means 1 crore 56 lakh 13,155 in our rupees. Seeing this rate, fans say aura. Netizens are wondering how many advanced features there are in this rate.. Fans are making news about Tarak watch viral. Whatever NTR buys, he puts the cost in the same range. In the past too, Tarak has put money on watches.

Tarak spending heavily on watches is not new. Previously, he wore a similar watch in the Triple R press meet. After seeing the watch.. thinking that this is good.. how much will it cost.. the fans searched the cost of the watch online. When they saw the cast of the watch, they saw a doll. The rate of that watch is literally four crores. A four crore watch looks like an anti bro.. Yes Richard Mille rm 011 CarbonNtpt Grosjean Rose Gold lotus F1 Team limited Edition watch price online shows 3 crores 99 lakhs 32 thousand 392 rupees.

In fact celebrities.. including film celebrities.. including our Tollywood celebrities have a luxury life. Our grandchildren are in the news every now and then by buying some expensive item. In that too.. NTR is in the first place. Because even before that, Tarak had bought a lot of such costly items. Even when she went to Jaipur for Rajamouli’s son’s wedding, Castly became a hot topic by wearing a watch. At that time… he was seen wearing a Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren automatic flyback chronograph watch worth two and a half crores.

NTR buys luxury and expensive items a lot. Amadhya booked his favorite Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule car. This hero was the first to book this car in India. The cost of this car is around three and a half crores. NTR bought his favorite car after spending heavily including taxes. Like this, every time Tarak keeps giving shocks to the audience with expensive

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