No one helped me in my troubles.. I even sold my house.. Mohan Babu’s shocking comments

Tollywood dialogue king… Actor Mohan Babu made shocking comments. He is celebrating his 71st birthday today (March 19). He participated in an interview on a YouTube channel. He made some interesting comments on this occasion. The senior actor said that the life he is experiencing now has not come easy. He said that he had suffered many hardships. Not only that, Mohan Babu said that even when he faced difficulty in selling his house in his movie career, no one came to his help. While looking for opportunities in the industry, one has to face many insults. He who has faced all the insults and taunts will be able to stand in the industry. He said he experienced everything.

Manchu Mohan Babu, who has a Rayalaseema family background, has created a special place for himself in Tollywood. Mohan Babu started his movie career in 1970 as an assistant director. He gave life to hundreds of roles as villain, comedian, hero and character artist. After acting in more than five hundred films, Mehan Babu became a producer and established Lakshmi Prasna Pictures banner and produced more than 50 films. Mehan Babu, who showed his mark as a social worker, educationist and politician in addition to his film life, also introduced his actor successors to Tollywood.

Mohan Babu, who has such a background, says that this life did not come easily to him. Mohan Babu said.. I may look good on the surface… but I have worked very hard for films… I have faced some difficulties… At one time I sold my house too. But then no one helped me. Mehan Babu said that I overcame all the problems and stood again due to my difficulty. Not only that, I sometimes think that the hardships I have gone through.

Mohan Babu admitted that he was once a shining light.. Now he is facing failures. Mohan Babu said that Sannaf India, in which he acted as the hero, and Jinnah movies starring his son were flops. He also talked about the ups and downs in his political career, his association with Dasari, and his controversies with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Currently, Mohan Babu’s comments are going viral on social media.



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