‘No one is bound by the law’: MLA Raghunandan criticizes MLC’s poem

Dubbaka MLA Raghunandan Rao criticized MLC Kavitha who is facing corruption charges in the Delhi liquor scam. Chellemma Kavitha, who got stuck in the Delhi liquor scam. MLA Madhavaneni Raghunandan Rao participated in the Constituency Booth Swashakti Karan Abhiyan and Speech Workshop of the President of India organized in Dubbaka town on Wednesday.

Later speaking to the media, the MLA said that if the BRS leaders commit corruption, the ED notice given to Chellemma Kavitha will be the answer to those who are wondering what the BJP government is doing at the centre.

ED issued notices stating that MLC Kavitha was accused in the Delhi liquor racket case. He said not Modi. He said that he had previously mentioned that if notices are given, I will face him. Earlier Delhi Deputy CM also tried to escape like you. But he said that it is not wrong, no one is bound by the law, and that should be realized by now. Kavitamma said that the law will do its work till yesterday, if that is true, she challenged to face the investigation.

He expressed his anger that the notices were given because of the dharna in Delhi and that they were doing gimmicks for sympathy. He said that everyone understood that Kavita was wrong, so no one sympathized with her. He clarified that the notices given to Kavitha have nothing to do with Telangana civil society and BRS party.


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