Not one .. all five papers theft, bargain work for Renuka: Praveen Bagotalu comes to light

The TSPSC paper leak case has taken a turning point. The police concluded that Praveen had deleted 5 papers from the computer. SIT Chief met TSPSC officials. Inquiring about the paper leak case. The SIT chief is collecting details about Praveen’s password theft from Lakshmi. Rajasekhar made changes in the computer LAN to benefit Praveen. Praveen beat the papers with the help of Rajasekhar.

After that, Praveen Kumar saved the papers in his pen drive. Along with the exam held on 5th, Praveen cracked 4 more papers. Praveen has kept the papers of town planning, building overseas examination, assistant motor vehicle inspector and ground water inspector posts with him. Praveen plans to bide his time and sell the papers. It seems that Praveen has promised Renuka that he will give the exam papers in the future. Praveen told Renuka to find the candidates and negotiate.

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On the other hand.. TSPSC paper leakage case is taking unexpected turns. Recently, there are suspicions that there are political aspects in this. Minister KTR released photos of accused Rajasekhar as a BJP worker. KTR officials were ordered to find the masterminds behind the scam. KTR asked the DGP to find out who is behind this. A comprehensive inquiry should be conducted on this. KTR commented that BJP seems to have conspired to throw mud on Telangana government. KTR alleged that this conspiracy was hatched to destroy innocent lives.

If not.. Telangana Public Service Commission has taken a key decision in the background of the paper leakage case. It announced on Wednesday that the Assistant Engineer (AE) exam will be cancelled. AE exam was held on 5th of this month. This exam was conducted for 837 posts in engineering departments. About 55 thousand candidates appeared for this exam on March 5.


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