Not only age, these also reduce sexual desire in women.

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 3:26 PM IST

It is very natural to lose sexual desire as we age. But there are other factors that decrease libido in women along with age. Because of this they have no interest in sex.

Along with communication, trust and respect, sexual intimacy is very important in a happy relationship. All these are very important if your relationship is going to be happy. However, after many days in a relationship or as people grow older, their desire for sex starts to decrease. It is normal for the sex drive to decrease after some time due to natural causes. But experts say that libido decreases due to other reasons as well. Decreased sex drive can affect your relationship as well as your mental health. Now let’s find out the real reasons for decreased libido.

unhealthy relationships

Experts say that even if you are in an unhealthy relationship..if you don’t have good communication with your partner..Libido decreases in women. Because a good relationship with a partner, proper communication is very important for a healthy sexual relationship.

low sex


Libido generally decreases in women after delivery. Because after delivery women face stress, insomnia and many different physical problems. All these factors can cause lack of libido. Along with this, responsibilities towards children increase. This reduces the sex drive in women.


Stress is the main cause of lack of libido. Especially mental stress. There are many causes of stress. It can be a relationship.. it can be work. Children also get stressed due to diseases. These reduce the sex drive. When stress is high your brain controls the function of every organ in your body. That is why many functions in your body slow down when you are under stress. Meditation and yoga reduce stress.

low sex

Taking too much medicine

Taking too much medication can also affect your sex drive. From heart health to high blood pressure, diabetes, and other mental illnesses, compounds in various medications can imbalance hormones in the body. This reduces libido in women.

Use of contraceptives

Repeated use of birth control pills to prevent pregnancy can lead to hormonal imbalance. This reduces their libido. It is better to choose non-hormonal birth control methods like condoms. Birth control pills do not protect you from other infections such as STIs.

Alcohol, smoking

Drinking too much of the drug can affect libido in women. Apart from this, the blood circulation decreases due to smoking habit. Due to these habits, women’s sexual desire gradually decreases.


Estrogen levels begin to decline in females during menopause. The vagina also becomes dry. This causes a lot of pain during sex. That’s why women don’t want to have sex at this time. There will be no interest on it. While there are many women who enjoy sex during and after menopause.


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