Not showing up today.. If you come with me, I will show you : Yanamalaku Dashetty Raja’s counter

Minister Daissetty Raja responded to the comments made by senior TDP leader and former minister Yanamala Ramakrishna regarding Nadu-Nedu activities. He countered that if he comes with him, he will show me the work.

minister dadisetti raja counter to tdp leader yanamala ramakrishnudu on nadu nedu works

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 9:43 PM IST

Minister Daissetty Raja lashed out at senior TDP leader and former minister Yanamala Ramakrishnadu. Speaking to the media on Friday, he was fired saying that Yanamala was telling blatant lies. Daissetty Raja revealed that the state has got national recognition in many respects. The minister clarified that the toilets in the schools were also not proper during the TDP regime. He said that these works are also being done in Yanmala’s native village. Dadishetty Raja Duyyabhatta said that Yanamala commented that if he comes with him, he will show him closely.

If not.. It is known that Yanamala Ramakrishna made important comments on the state government a few days ago. Yanamala challenged whether the government has the guts to issue a white paper on the economic status of the state. Does the minister of that department know what is happening in the finance department.. Yanamala alleged that all the control over the finance department is Jagan’s. Yanamala asked how many crores of funds the Center has given to the state.. How many crores have gone astray?, Why are employees not being given salaries, GPF and PRC?

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Meanwhile, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu came under fire for the AP government increasing the tax on transport vehicles in the state last month. He expressed anger that the YCP government is increasing the prices and killing the people. He said that the people are disgusted with Jagan’s regime. He said that due to the increase in the tax on transport vehicles, the people are being burdened with an additional burden of Rs.250 crores every year. Yanamala Duyyabatta said that during the TDP regime, the transport department used to get Rs.1,500 crores of revenue every 6 months.In the current YCP regime, it has increased to Rs.2,131 crores.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 9:43 PM IST

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