NTR is so struck.. Ramcharan is plowing there as a chance..?

Ramcharan and NTR are good friends in the industry. That friendship made him act in “RRR”. Rajamouli thought that the friendship between the two would be a plus for “RRR” and the chemistry between their bonding in the film would grow more and they were chosen as the heroes of this film. Their friendship is also shown in the movie. Jaccanna made them fight for friendship, becoming best friends, then enemies, and finally fighting for friendship again. His strategy worked well. It played a vital role in the success of the film.

Meanwhile, the film “RRRR” is now winning awards internationally. From Golden Globe Award, Critics Choice Awards, recently Hollywood Critics Association Awards and other awards. Now in the running for an Oscar. It is known that the song “Natu Natu” in which NTR and Charan danced together was nominated for an Oscar in the original song category. This is the first time in the history of Indian cinema that this song has been nominated for an Oscar. The Oscars will be announced on March 12. The whole team is confident about the award.

Recently, the team of Ram Charan, Rajamouli and Keeravani went to America for ‘Oscar’ promotions. There they all participated in the ‘Hollywood Critics Association’ award ceremony and created a buzz. But NTR was missed in this. It is known that a tragedy happened in Tarak’s house last week. Tarakaratna died. He fought the illness for 23 days and finally died. Due to this, Tarak is unable to go out till the end. That is why he could not attend the award ceremony in America recently.

This became an opportunity for Ram Charan. Cherri was plowing there. He started working on improving his image internationally, especially in Hollywood. They are interviewing there. Participating in shows. Entertaining by participating in events related to movies. On the other hand, he is becoming a hot topic by surprising everyone with his own comments. In a recent interview, he expressed his desire to do films in Hollywood. He said that he is waiting for opportunities.

Charan is using every single thing in his favor to increase his image and popularity there. On the other hand, Ram Charan is currently standing as the main face of “RRR” in Hollywood. Along with this, Sarnia is maintaining PR. He is sharing his every move on social media and making it accessible to his fans and audience. He is also active on social media and reacts to everything. Charan is stealing the hearts of Hollywood celebrities by thanking them. It can be said that all these are bringing Charan a good image in Hollywood. While NTR is lagging behind in this matter, Charan is aggressive. NTR will be free on March 3. After that he is likely to go to America. It can be said that he will make up for his lack of appearance.

After Ramcharan’s ‘RRR’, he excelled in ‘Acharya’, which was disappointing. Now acting in “RC15” directed by Shankar. Kiara Advani plays the female lead. Besides, Charan will do a film with Buchi Babu. After ‘RRRR’, NTR has not done any film till now. Directed by Koratala Siva, the film is going to start next month after several postponements.


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