NTR who supported Tarakaratna in difficult times.. Self-revealed hero of Nandamuri..

There was a campaign that Tarakaratna was brought into the movies to compete with NTR. But young tiger stood by Tarakaratna in difficult times. He said that he was very supportive.

ntr big help to tarakaratna in difficult time

First Published Feb 19, 2023, 7:28 PM IST

Nandamuri Tarakaratna left the Telugu film industry and the Nandamuri family in mourning. His untimely death will shock everyone. Everyone is expressing regret for dying at a young age. Film celebrities and politicians are flocking to see Tarakaratna’s dead body. Successive deaths in Tollywood are shocking to everyone.

Tarakaratna.. came into films almost twenty years ago. She made her Tollywood entry with the film ‘Okato Nomber Kurradu’. He started nine films at once and created a world record. But then many of them stalled and the rest flopped. Tarakaratna is slowly climbing one step at a time, becoming a hero, a villain, a character artist and making films.

But there was a campaign that Tarakaratna was brought into the movies to compete with NTR. But Tarakaratna said that there is no truth in that, they are all one family and that he became a hero in competition with one another. Meanwhile, NTR helped Tarakaratna. At that time, there was a campaign that Tarakaratna was facing financial problems due to series of flops and love marriage, and NTR, who came to know about it, helped Tarakaratna financially and used to send four lakhs every month. And we need to know the truth in this.

Meanwhile, Tarakaratna responded in an interview about NTR. He revealed that the reason he is at this level is his younger brother NTR. He said that if it was not for Tarak, his situation would have been much worse. Tarakaratna said that my younger brother stood by me when I was unable to support my family.

Last Updated Feb 19, 2023, 7:28 PM IST

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