NTR’s trip to America for the Oscars… Will it ring any more?

NTR is getting ready for Oscar event. Arrangements for his trip to America have been completed. Information will be received to this extent.

hero ntr flying america for Oscar event will join with the team

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 6:31 AM IST

RRR movie team is in America. Along with director Rajamouli, Keeravani, cinematographer Senthil Kumar and son Karthikeya participated in the Hollywood Critics Association Awards event. Ram Charan attended the HCA Awards ceremony as one of the special guests. An award was presented by his hands. He was also honored with the Spot Light Award. If the RRR team is buzzing in America and being highlighted in the international media, the absence of NTR is a bit disappointing. In this order, NTR fans are expressing impatience.

There is a good reason why NTR did not go to America with RRR team. Brother Tarakaratna passed away on February 18. This cast a shadow of sadness in the family. An anguished NTR stayed away from the celebrations. Also, Tarakaratna’s posthumous programs have not been completed yet. Tarakaratna Pedakarma will be held on March 2. NTR will leave for America after the end of this program. Information is received that he is going to America on March 6.

The Oscars will be held on March 12. There are indications that he will interact with the Hollywood media before this. Criticism poured in for inviting only Ram Charan to the HCA Awards. HCA responded to this order. We also invited NTR. He was not present because he was shooting for a film in India. He explained on Twitter that the award will be presented soon.

It is reported that NTR will walk on the Oscars red carpet. Also Kalabhairava and Rahul Sipliganj will sing the Natu Natu song live on the Oscar stage. It is known that the Natu Natu song was nominated in the Original Song category. The team is confident that after receiving the Golden Globe Award, it will also win the Oscar. In ten days, the fate of RRR will be decided on the stage of Oscar. If it wins Oscar, it will be a rare moment for Indian cinema.

Last Updated Mar 1, 2023, 6:31 AM IST

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