Operation Mother Tiger in Nallamala: Four tiger cubs in Atmakur

Nandyala: Operation Tiger Mother continues in Nallamala forest area of ​​joint Kurnool district. The operation for the mother tiger from Wednesday night to Thursday morning was not successful. As a result, the four tiger cubs were shifted to the Atmakuru forest office.

Locals found four tiger cubs in the thorn bushes near Gummadapuram village in Nallamala forest area. Locals informed the forest officials about these tiger cubs. These four tiger cubs were taken into their custody by the forest officials. The forest officials are taking precautions to avoid any trouble to the tiger cubs due to the intense sun. For four days, forest officials have been searching for the mother tiger. For this, the officials have undertaken Operation Tiger Mother T108.

Forest officials have set up 50 track cameras for the mother tiger in Nallamala forest. Based on the footprints of the tiger in the forest area, the forest officials have carried out search operations. The search for the mother tiger has been unsuccessful for four days. Forest officials say that the mother tiger is also likely to search for the whereabouts of the four cubs. Forest officials say that the mother tiger is likely to be very angry as she does not know the whereabouts of her cubs. Officials advise the people of Nallamala suburban villages to be vigilant.

The scenes of the mother tiger were recorded on a camera. Based on the footage from this camera, the forest officials have taken up the search for the mother tiger. From last night to 6 am today, the forest officials searched for the mother tiger. But the tiger was not found. As a result, four tiger cubs were shifted to Atmakuru DFO office by forest officials.



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