Paper leak case.. Rajashekhar was the mastermind, deliberately to TSPSC: Key points in SIT report

The CIT concluded that Rajasekhar was the key mastermind of the TSPSC paper leak incident. It is confirmed that Rajasekhar, who is the system administrator, hacked the computer and stole the password and gave it to Praveen.

sit submitted report to tspsc in paper leak case

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 5:27 PM IST

TSPSC has submitted a SIT report to the commission regarding the paper leak incident. The SIT concluded that Rajasekhar was the key mastermind in this case.. He had deliberately come to TSPSC on deputation. He came on deputation from Technical Service. Later, Rajasekhar kept in touch with Praveen, who was an Assistant Section Officer here. The SIT officials found that Rajasekhar, who is the system administrator here, hacked the computer and stole the password. But Shankar Lakshmi says that she did not write down the password anywhere. But only what Shankar Lakshmi said, it was confirmed that he had hacked the computer.

After that he copied 5 question papers through pen drive and gave it to Praveen. Later, Praveen sold the AE exam paper to Renuka. In this order, the SIT found that the paper was leaked on February 27. First it was concluded that the Group 1 exam paper was leaked. Praveen got 103 marks and the SIT conducted an inquiry. The SIT confirmed that he had tampered with the question paper while working as a PA to the commission secretary. On the other hand, the court sentenced the accused to six days custody in the paper leak case. The SIT has so far arrested 9 people in this case. In this order, the court issued orders handing over the accused to SIT custody from tomorrow till 23rd of this month.

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TSPSC has taken a sensational decision in the wake of the paper leak. Announcing the cancellation of the entire Group 1 exam including the already held exams. It has been revealed that Group 1 preliminary exams will be conducted again on June 11. TSPSC has taken a decision to cancel Group 1 Prelims, AEE and DAO exams. A decision will be taken later on when the AEE and DAO exams will be conducted again. Group 1 prelims held on October 16 last year has been cancelled.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 5:27 PM IST

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