Pawan’s reward for passing Prabhas.

Pawan Kalyan has increased his salary. If you know the details of the remuneration of the movies he is currently acting in, you have to get a mind block. It is noteworthy that this is a remuneration beyond Prabhas.

pawan kalyan remuneration bigger than prabhas ?  hot topic in tollywood

First Published Feb 28, 2023, 6:13 PM IST

Currently, Prabhas is the highest paid hero not only in the Tollywood film industry, but in the Indian film industry as well. They are taking steps towards a global star image beyond the pan India star image. It is reported that he is getting remuneration of 120 crores to 150 crores per film. It is being advertised that Prabhas is getting remuneration in this range for the films `Adipurush’, `Salar’, and “Project K”.

Meanwhile, Pawan is going to surpass Prabhas. The news that he is going to get more remuneration than Prabhas is making noise on social media now. Pawan is currently acting in four films. Two of them are in the filming stage. The shooting of “Harihara Veeramallu” is going on. The final stage has been reached. Besides this “Vinodaya Seetha” has started recently. Celebrating a regular shoot. It is reported that the scenes between Saidharam Tej and Pawan are being shot.

On the other hand, Harish Shankar’s upcoming film Ustad Bhagat Singh is going to start next month. Sujeeth will launch “Oji” in April. Pawan is thinking of completing these three films in three months. Powerstar has allotted 20-25 days for ‘Vinodaya Seetham’, 35 days for ‘Ustad Bhagat Singh’ and 30 days for ‘Oji’. The shoot for his character is going to be completed in ten days of each month. Pawan is going to give time to “Harihara Veeramallu” and politics.

Meanwhile, now Pawan’s salary has become a hot topic. It is known that till now Pawan is taking Rs. 50 crores per film. But now the salary has been increased. It is reported that they are taking 75 crores per film. Pawan quoted Rs. 75 crores for the movie ‘Vinodaya Seetham’. It is said that the production company “People Media Factory” said OK to it. According to this calculation, it can be said that Pawan’s remuneration is between two and a half to three crores per day. Pawan stands as the most castile actor.

On the other hand, if Pawan knows the remuneration for the movie “Oji”, the fuse will be blown. He is going to receive Rs 150 to 160 crores for this film. That is.. Director Sujeeth is going to bring this movie in two parts. They are giving Rs. 80 crores for each part. According to this calculation, Pawan will get around 160 crores for the two parts. It is more than Prabhas. Moreover, the dates given by Pawan for this movie are only 30 days. That is, the news that it receives more than two and a half crores per day is doing the rounds on social media. And we need to know the truth in this. Is it true, or just a rumor? Apart from that, while the film circles are shocked to know this news, the fans are celebrating that it is our power star range.

Last Updated Feb 28, 2023, 6:13 PM IST

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