Police case against Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai. Challenge to lay hands on him if possible.

A police case has been registered against Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai. Responding to the registration of a case against him, Annamalai lashed out at the DMK government.

Tamil Nadu BJP Chief Annamalai Booked over false propaganda on migrant labourers

First Published Mar 5, 2023, 3:44 PM IST

A police case has been registered against Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai. Annamalai has been booked by the Chennai police on charges of inciting violence and encouraging communal enmity amid rumors of attacks on migrant workers in the state. Officials said that a case has also been registered against the Twitter account holder of BJP Bihar. It is known that yesterday the police registered a case against BJP leader Prashant Umrao on the same charge.

Annamalai reacted to the case being registered against him. He said he understood that the DMK had filed cases against him for exposing the 7-decade-long campaign against the North Indian brothers. Here is the video of their conversation. The fascist DMK challenged him to arrest him. He said that as a common man he is giving 24 hours time to the government. He attached the video of CM Stalin speaking to his tweet.

Also, many videos are doing the rounds on social media where migrant workers are being brutally beaten in Tamil Nadu. This caused a great uproar. Tamil Nadu and Bihar state governments have issued warnings against spreading such messages. Tamil Nadu Police also clarified that there are no attacks on Bihari migrant workers in Tamil Nadu.

Annamalai, who issued a statement yesterday regarding the issue of migrant workers, said that the migrant workers in Tamil Nadu are safe, but the DMK led by Chief Minister Stalin and its alliance party leaders are the cause of hatred against them. He opposed the spread of false news on the attack on the people of Bihar in the state. “The spread of fake news on social media about attacks on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu is disheartening. We as Tamil people believe in the concept of “one world”. We do not condone separatism and vile hatred against our North Indian brothers,” Annamalai said in a series of tweets.

At the same time, Annamalai lashed out at the DMK government. “DMK MPs making vile comments against North Indians… DMK minister calling them Panipuri wala… comments made by their alliance partners is the cause of what we are seeing today,” said Annamalai.

But in the wake of rumors of attacks on migrant workers, many workers are away from work. This has affected industries in Tamil Nadu that depend on migrant workers. Tamil Nadu DGP Shailendra Babu has released a statement recognizing these fears. It is claimed that the video being circulated on social media is false.

“Someone in Bihar has posted false videos claiming that migrant workers were attacked in Tamil Nadu. Two videos have been posted. Both are false as these incidents took place in Tiruppur and Coimbatore at an earlier date. One of them was a clash between two groups of migrant workers from Bihar. Another related to a clash between local residents in Coimbatore. “We will not spare the people who are behind creating fear with these rumours,” said the DGP.

Last Updated Mar 5, 2023, 3:44 PM IST

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