Politics obstructing ED and CBI… Harish Rao’s criticism of the Centre

Minister Harish Rao was furious with the central government. Speaking to the media after the assembly meeting on Sunday, he said that not a single national project was given to Telangana. Harish Rao expressed his anger that the Center has done severe injustice to Telangana.

Meanwhile, Harish Rao said that the vacant Anganwadi posts under GHMC will be filled soon. Speaking on Sunday as part of the assembly meetings, he said that there are huge number of Anganwadi posts vacant in the GHMC. Harish Rao said that 1500 Asha worker posts will also be filled. He disclosed that a notification will be issued in this regard soon. Harish Rao stated that quality services are being provided to the poor in Basti Davakhanas under GHMC. Harish Rao revealed that there are currently 57 types of medical tests being conducted there.

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If not, Harish Rao said that a new law will be brought to regulate private hospitals in Telangana. Speaking in the assembly on Saturday, he said that there is no control over private hospitals so far. That is why Harish Rao said that a new law will be brought. He revealed that the aim of his government is to provide corporate healthcare to poor people. The professors said that a government medical college is being established in each district.. This will lead to a 650-bed hospital and operation theatres. Due to this, an attempt will be made to provide corporate medicine to the people in their district. Harish Rao said that four super specialty hospitals are being built on four sides of Hyderabad.. All these are coming with 4,200 beds. He said that Nimes has a super specialty hospital with 2 thousand beds.

Earlier, Harish Rao said that it was in the law that inter-state water disputes should be resolved within a year, otherwise a tribunal should be set up. He said that even though the Center filed a case in Matanammi Supreme Court, it was withdrawn.. BJP has not decided Telangana’s share in Krishna river for 9 years. He complained that the Center is acting as if it is one justice for Karnataka and another justice for Telangana in water allocation. Harish Rao said that if necessary, he will go to the Supreme Court again on the issue of water share.. BJP has three MLAs and not one in the House. Harish Duyya said that outside politics is more important to them than the House. He made it clear that even if 300 cases were filed on Kaleshwaram, they would not stop. Harish Rao said that Telangana is facing problem with Polavaram back water.. CWC committee has been formed for back water study.


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