Practice today.. Tomorrow is the actual race.. Formula E Josh in the city..

The moment that the people of Bhagyanagar have been waiting for with a thousand eyes has come. Good news for city dwellers as well as fans from other states who have been keenly watching the Formula race for a month now. The Hussainsagar Reservoir (Tankbund) in the heart of Hyderabad will be buzzing with electric cars. The pre-practice race will be held today on the 2.8 km long street circuit. The race will continue from 4:25 pm to 5:15 pm on Friday. To this extent the authorities have completed the arrangements.

It is known that the fourth race is being held at Hyderabad during the 9th season of Formula E race. With today’s practice race, the racers will get an understanding of this track. How will you react to this track with 18 turns..? How to control the cars..? Where to increase the speed..? This pre-race will be organized to give them a clear understanding of such matters.

According to the finalized schedule, 22 drivers from 11 teams will participate in this pre-race. Today’s pre race will be followed by qualifying and main race tomorrow (Saturday). The race will start from Indira Gandhi Chowk next to IMAX. An official said that along with the track, the galleries and VVIP galleries set up for the fans have been fully prepared and the remaining pending works will be completed speedily.


A special song for the race..

Formula also created a special anthem to popularize the race. Renowned music director SS Thaman. Popular actor Saidharam Tej also appeared in this video titled ‘Hyderabad Anthem’.


Stars, cricketers to watch the race..

Celebrities are also queuing up to watch this Formula One race which will be held for the first time in India. Tollywood actors have already given wide publicity to this race. Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Venkatesh, Sharwanand, Naveen Polishetty have also made videos in this regard. Bollywood actors along with Tollywood will also come to watch the race. Along with them, Team India cricketers Shikhar Dhawan, Yuzvendra Chahal and Deepak Chahar will also watch this race live. Chahal said that he will come to Hyderabad to watch the race with his wife Dhanashree. Deepak Chahar is also likely to come to Bhagyanagar with his wife.



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