Pragya Andalu is beautiful in a blue dress.. Balayya Bhama is screaming on the ramp with the top show..

Pragya Jaishwal stole the hearts of boys with the movie ‘Kanche’. After that, Bhama, who took a glamor side turn, did not get proper hits. As a result, the career goes through ups and downs.

Pragya Jaishwal has now given a glamor treat to the fans. She shined in a blue dress. The blue lehenga is worn. A walk on the ramp is mesmerizing. It is remarkable that Pragya’s beauty is more overloaded as her hot beauty is accompanied by trendy wear.

Recently, this beauty participated in the fund raising event of “Teach for Change” organization. Pragya did a beautiful walk as part of it. Hoyal went away while feasting on beauty. The audience swooned as she feasted her eyes on a blouse that resembled a bra. Sponsors are fiddling. Participated in fund raising.

This fund raising event was held at the Westin Hotel in Hyderabad. All Tollywood stars participated in this. Along with Pragya Jaishwal, Rakul, Heba Patel, Manchu Lakshmi, Shivatmika, Shivani, Faria Abdullah and some other heroines, Navadeep, Trigun, Anchor Pradeep participated. TV artists and models participated and created a buzz.

Among them, Pragya Jaishwal stands as a special attraction. She mesmerizes with her provocative poses. She fiddled with mischievous laughs and ravished with intoxicating poses. Currently, her photos are doing the rounds on social media. Fans are being given a visual treat.

Pragya Jaishwal made her debut in Telugu with the film “Dega” in nine years ago (2014). But she did not get much fame. The movie didn’t play. After that she did another short film called “Mirchi Lanti Kurradu”. Got a bit of fame with this film. In this order, she got a chance to act in “Kanche”.

The movie “Kanche” directed by Krish became a big hit. The Varun Tej starrer Ecinema won the National Award for Best Regional Telugu Film. Pragya became popular with this movie. She acted sober and impressed. Rajkumari Sita Devi is amazing in her role.

It was thought that Pragya will become a star heroine with this movie and will get opportunities with stars. But the scene is reversed. After that, the films “Om Namo Venkatesaya” and “Gunturodu” were flops. Due to this, the commercial offers for this beauty have decreased. At that time Krishnavamshi acted in `Nakshathram’. Hot treat was given. But what’s the point. The movie is a disaster. The scene began with this.

She appeared in a guest role in ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’. After that Manchu did “Acharya America Yatra” with Vishnu but no success. Pragya’s work is over and when she thought she was going to fade out, she got a chance to act in “Akhanda” with Balayya. In this, Balayya was paired as a pair. hit However, her fate did not change. Now she has no offers in hand. Doing ads, giving glamor treats and increasing the following on social media. She entertains the netizens with her beautiful photos, but she can’t get the opportunities. It remains to be seen whether the chances will come even earlier.


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