Preity Zinta’s crazy selfie with NTR.. How much RRR fever is..

Right now the whole world is going RRR movie mania. Rajamouli, who has taken a Telugu film to the international level, is in awe of the movie people. Ramcharan and NTR who acted in RRR’s film are receiving praise. The entire nation is eagerly waiting for a Telugu film to enter the Oscars ring.

Oscar awards ceremony will be held in another day. The Natu Natu song is in the Oscar nominations in the Best Original Song category. With this, all the fans are praying that RRR’s film will get an Oscar award. Rajamouli is taking advantage of every small opportunity.

Global beauty Priyanka Chopra recently hosted a pre-Oscar party. Celebrities from South Asian films who have won Oscar nominations have been invited to this party. RRR film unit also participated in this party. Many Bollywood stars also shined in this event.

Cheeky beauty Preity Zinta created a buzz in this party and took a crazy selfie with young tiger NTR. This pic was posted on social media. Preity Zinta also posed for a selfie with RRR cinematographer Senthil Kumar. Jacqueline Fernandez can also be seen in these photos.






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Preity Zinta posting.. Big congrats to all the Oscar nominees. Looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you Priyanka Chopra for bringing the South Asian film community together. RRR fever is not common in the US. This film is getting support from everyone.

The Oscars are just one day away. How will the RRR team make noise at the Academy Awards event? How will Charan and NTR look? Fans all over the country want RRR team to come back with Oscar award.


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