Prema Entha Madhuram: Anjali is surprised by the behavior of mother and son.. Arya is condemning his wife!

In the beginning of the episode, Mansi gives a harati and puts a blob on her mother-in-law’s coercion, even though she doesn’t want to. Mansi asks Aryavardhan couple who are hesitating to come in and stop there, come in. Neeraj makes a request and sits in front of the dining table. Anu pretends to sit on the table.

Anjali says you are getting too upset and sit too. This is like your house, Sharadamma says. I don’t have any such formalities, the elders said food should come first and battle should be left behind. I will follow that, says Yadagiri.

Everyone laughs at those words. When Sharadamma is serving food, she says that it is enough, aunt. Everyone gets shocked and says enough again. Anjali says did you remember your mother-in-law? Sharadamma serves kosari kosari, saying whether you should eat good food or not when you are hungry.

Anjali says Neeraj you also eat. Neeraj says that my grandfather and my mother used to eat only when they were mixed together. Anjali looks at Dadana confused. Anjali says my elder brother says Neeraj yes do you have an elder brother and you never told me. Sharadamma says Unnadamma’s name is Arya Vardhan, my eldest son.

Anjali says I thought it was your father’s name. Isn’t Annayya the same as father, Neeraj says everything was given by my grandfather including the identity of Neeraj Vardhan. Anjali says great bonding. Neeraj asks Arya if she will give me a kiss, E Few Don’t Mind. Everyone looks at Neeraj at once.

He says, “Isn’t it a habit with my grandfather, when I see you, I feel like my grandfather, that’s why I asked?” Arya kisses her brother very emotionally. Anjali asks is your dada not here. Neeraj says they are far away. Whatever he does, he does it to protect the honor of Vardhan’s family. Even now he is working to expand the business to increase the honor of Vardhan’s family, says Sharadamma.

Anjali says very dedicated Anamata Auch like Ma Anand. Sharadamma says yes. In the meantime, Sharadamma and Neeraj anxiously go to Arya and offer him fresh water. Sharadamma slips her mouth saying, “Okay, now Arya.” Anjali looks surprised at their behavior. Neeraj covers that we talked about Arya for so long and that’s why she said that in the flow.

Sharadamma says to Arya who is leaving after eating, why are you leaving without eating payasam? Arya takes the potion and says thanks and leaves. Anjali says that Anand remembered his family when he saw it, that’s why he went out silently.

Sharadamma gives payasam to Anjali as well as Anu. Anjali says Payasam is very good, it is like our loan. Mansi says payasam has also come for your debt. Anjali says what if the cook does not get all the dishes. Sharadamma becomes emotional as a cook.

Didn’t I tell you that he is the cook in our house? Anjali says that even though she is a cook, she is like a sister to me. Position is important in any kind of relationship, Mansi says your greatness is to make a cook sit with you. Anjali says value depends on our merit.

Neeraj feels guilty saying that you got into this situation because of me. Yadagiri says that the entire stomach is full if you eat the payasam as well. Server says you sit in the garden and I will bring it. Yadagiri takes all the stock along with him saying that when he comes, bring the cat too.

Anjali says that if our Yadagiri misses food meditation, there will be no other meditation. Anjali asks Mansi where is the wash room. Mansi takes her saying come and show her. Then Sharadamma Anuni, what do you think of working as a cook in such conditions. Yes Vadinamma you are the queen of this house.

What do you do to make ends meet? Neeraj says how Dada agreed. Sir did not know that I was working there. He is taking good care of me and is working hard day and night to provide me all the comforts. He says that I am working because he cannot see the difficulty. Neeraj cries that I am the reason why you are suffering like this.

Nothing like that to be honest we are both very happy. Don’t feel guilty. On the other hand, Anjali is looking at the house and says Anjali’s house is very nice. Mansi says that she has designed all the interior as per my liking. Meanwhile, Mansi falls in those words when the phone comes.

Seeing Arya’s photo behind Anjali, Mansi gets worried and takes her away. Sharadamma says on the other hand I will convince Arya to come home. Neeraj says yes Vadinamma, it is not good for you to be nobody when we all are.

However, Saradamma brings them to the hall saying that it is not right to stay here, let’s go to Padandi. Meanwhile Anjali comes there and says thanks aunty for inviting us and we will leave. Sharadamma says one minute and calls Gopi and calls all the staff inside. She tells Neeraj to bring Arya.

Anu says I will bring sir. Anjali says Ma Appu always does all the work herself, she is a very divided person. On the other hand Arya comes to call Arya and says why are you staying with Anjali madam. Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.


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