Prema Entha Madhuram: Anu who cheated and won.. Neeraj changed the matter?

Anu who is caught by the doctor suddenly becomes normal and is afraid of something. Meanwhile, Paddu wakes up from sleep and screams in fear. Subbu wakes up to that cry and asks what happened and asks her if she can drink fresh water. Yes Subbu Mana Ammi had a dream that she was afraid of something that she had pains on Ashtami.

I want to see mom urgently, she says let’s go now. Subbu says we went to bed talking about him and that’s why you feel like that. Paddu says, “Let’s go now. Why am I worried?” Subbu tells her to go to bed saying that it has been a long time since I saw Bujjamani and that’s why she feels like that. Let’s go tomorrow.

On the other hand, the right eye gets scared. Arya says why do you get scared if your eyes move. Now they take a big class on eye contact, they said they took it before marriage, remember? But let’s play a game, this is also an eye contact game where both of us look deep into each other’s eyes and whoever blinks first loses.

Arya says that the losers should do as others say. Anu gives Arya a flying kiss as he never closes his eyes. Arya closes his eyes to that blow. Arya says this is cheating, I closed my eyes because you gave me a kiss. Anu says that he kissed me when he saw my face like that. Anu says there is no such rule in the game.

Arya says I would have won if you didn’t divert. I don’t know all that, you are a loser. I don’t agree, the wife says that I am a liar. When Arya asks what do you want to do now that I have lost, she says, “Make me a beautiful braid.” I mean, yes, you want to do it, Fantu will do it by audio. If you are having trouble getting tied, you will laugh at it.

Arya says why are you smiling, not being sad. I will tell you how to put it, so follow it. He completes the braiding with the following instructions. After seeing that, he will say how much I love him. On the other hand, Paddu couple comes to Anuval’s house anxiously. Mansi says Padduni is coming and shouting loudly, do you want this house or your basti?

Subbu says, “Sorry, we have come to see Maa Bujjamani and not to leave.” Mansi says getting older is not enough, you need to know where and how to speak. Sharadamma reprimands her saying that no matter how many words come to her mouth, that is what she says. If they are the ones who disturbed, you are calling me, what will Mansi say. Just then Neeraj comes there and scolds Mansi and asks them to say sorry.

Subbu says sorry for such a small matter, why leave it like this. Paddu says that if we call my mother, we will say four words and leave. Subbu asks if he went to Sir’s office as Anu couple was not seen there. When Arya’s mother says that Anu and Arya are not at home, Paddu asks where did they go.

Before Sharadamma can say anything, Neeraj lies about the trip. There is no consistency in your answers, worry is visible on your face, Paddu says what happened. You are lying when Neeraj says something like Dada, Vadinamma for a small change over. They said something similar when they came last time. Since then Bujjamma Arya sir phones are not working. It looks like you are hiding something. Subbu says Ma Bujjamma never goes many days without talking to us.

Talk, if you don’t talk, my dream will come true, Paddu asks crying. When Sharadamma asks what is the dream, she says that in the Ashtami hours, it was as if the spirit of Rajanandi had taken possession of her. Saying tell the truth, Sharadamma grabs her legs. Mansi says this is called overaction, what happened to your girl, one day your longing will come here.

Paddu says how easily they talked like that, at least call Arya sir and give it to him. Subbu requests, tell me what happened, is my Buzzamma fine? Mansi says who knows what. Paddu says, “Don’t you know where they are? They are hiding something from us.” No matter how much Sharadamma called, the Subbu couple left without hearing. Neeraj comes to his mother who is sitting in a sad mood.

Why are the problems surrounding us one after another? Have you seen them? She says who will answer their longing and pain for their daughter. I will say that Dada Vadinamma left home because of me and I will bring Dada Vadinamma back home.

Neeraj says that I will carry out the stoppage of the border. When his mother asked him if he would really take it, Neeraj said, “It’s my promise, I’ll do everything in front of Subbu Paddugar, who left in pain. Mansi burst into anger at my words, it seems that whatever I thought should not happen, it will happen. While this Mansi is trying to bring back the lost poverty, she thinks in her mind that it will never happen.

On the other hand, Kayagurala sees Anu walking on the road. No matter how much she calls Anu, if she does not answer, the vegetable man will follow her. Unaware of this, Anjali goes home. He is going to go into the same house, Kayaguralu stops the watchman and says there is no one here, Anuradha, she says she is the cook of this house. Something unexpected has happened and he calls Subbu saying that he needs to tell Subbu urgently.

On the other hand, Paddu and Sharadamma who are coming on the road are hiding something from us, Paddu says I don’t understand where our Buzzamma is. Just as Subbu says where to look now, he gets a phone call. He says that I was seen selling vegetables at Himayat Nagar bus stop where Basti Sambadi was. Samba says, “What kind of bum was seen?”

You stay there, we will come,” said Subbu. When Paddu asked what happened, he said that our Buzzamma was in a poor state. If they had been caught that day, this situation would not have happened today, says Subbu. Paddu couple goes to Sampra in auto saying let’s go pada. They ask anxiously, “Where did you see our bum?” Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.


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