Prema Entha Madhuram: Mansi is in doubt.. Anu is going to give birth to twins.. Arya gave a hint?

At the beginning of the episode, after Anu gets ready for Seemantha, she looks in the mirror with Arya and says that I will have a baby like you. Then Arya says no, I want a daring and dashing girl like you.. Arya says if two boys and a girl are born. Anu says, “Sir, what is more happiness than that, if it happens, is your word virtuous?”

After that, Vardhan’s family is going in a car in the scene. Meanwhile Mansi asks where are we going and Neeraj says I bought a site and am taking everyone to show it. Meanwhile, Zende asks Sharadamma why madam garu is like that, Sharadamma says that Arya also buys a place and shows me where he is now.

Neeraj, everyone looks surprised that they will meet soon. Neeraj changes the word saying that he wants to see the same Dada soon. Meanwhile, Neeraj gets a call. The manager says that all the work is done here, both of them are getting ready for seamanta, come quickly. Neeraj happily hangs up the phone saying ok. Mansi thinks to herself that there is something different here.

Meanwhile, Anu and Arya get ready for the photo shoot. The cameraman says you both keep talking and I will keep taking pictures. Arya says tell something, what to talk sir. Arya says isn’t the girl who did your makeup beautiful? Then Arya catches Pika. The photographer takes a picture of it and says that the picture is very good ma’am.

Also, while they are talking, he takes some photos and both of them give photos to other photos. The photos are very good, sir. At the end, she writes I love you Arya on the board and gives it to Arya. Arya says love you too. Photographer says this photo is very good sir. Then all the people next to them will praise that they have never seen such a mutual couple, sir.

On the other hand, Mansi thinks that he is taking me to see the property in the car, why I don’t trust him. Meanwhile, in Neeraj’s mind, Vadinamma thinks that Seeman will go well. On the other hand, the photographer’s photos are good, sir, which means get ready for another seaman.

Meanwhile, the manager came and asked if there was anyone on behalf of your family, sir? If there is a small program, it means no, even if it is my wife’s wife or father, I will do the program myself, he takes turmeric and writes turmeric on the legs and puts bandages on them. Anu is sad on one side and happy on the other side and then both of them go to Seemantam Mandapam. Sitting in the chair, Anu feels that their grandparents are coming.

Arya says look sir, no one will be there, even if they are far away, they will be fine, don’t worry about them, Arya says. At the same time Vardhan’s family car comes and stops there. Neeraj goes downstairs and one of his friends appears. Neeraj says why are you here, I came if it was our relative’s wedding. Why did you come? Me vadina Seemanthanika is happening in the second block.

Mansi and Sharadamma are surprised by Neeraj’s words. Sharadamma asks hopefully if he is really here. Mansi wonders if all this is happening accidentally or on purpose. Anu and Arya are there when they go inside. Anu and Arya are also surprised to see Vardhan’s family. When their mother calls Arya, Arya comes as mother.

Sharadamma says how much I have missed your call for so many days, you left me like that, mom, don’t you remember? Dada still misses me when I say that. Arya then asks if he is done with the worst Vagesa in Burra, who is not even called to Seemant, did it happen by accident, Arya says that we did not make arrangements.

Mansi says what happened accidentally bro in law. Meanwhile, the manager comes there and says that we took the lucky draw, sir, they won, that’s why we are doing this function. Then mansi and lucky draws should be given gifts if they win but the function asks which shopping mall is yours. Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.


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