Prema Entha Madhuram: Mansi is trying to get the truth out.. Subbu is backing his wife!

At the beginning of the episode we planned the program ourselves. Janardhan says till you came, there was some unknown pain in both of their minds but after you came, it went away. Janarthan says that if you win a lucky tip, you should give gifts, but they are doing functions, which shopping mall is yours.

Mansi thinks in her mind that I will try to try again or try to join the younger son. On the other hand, Sharadamma thanks them and says that you have done this function to unite us. Then Zende says that destiny does strange things, but it is precisely for good deeds that we are all brought together. Sharadamma says it would be good if Paddu and Subbu Garu were there, Jende says I will call them and they will come.

On the other hand, Anjali tells Yadagiri that my mother has a function today, but Yadagiri says I forgot, and Yadagiri drives the car and leaves for the function hall. On the other hand, Sharadamma says that when she is pregnant with Anu, she cannot see what should be between Ashtaiswaryas if it is like this. Then Anu, as long as He is with me I will always be happy.

Sitamma says Rama is not there but my Rama is with me when he is in exile. Meanwhile, Subbu Paddu comes there and is happy to see them. But Paddu gets angry with Arya and says that you took my golden mother and left, so I won’t talk to you, you don’t know anything and says you brought all the sweets. Don’t pay attention to the words of Subbu who is next to you, sir, the words of mother’s love are saying that you will take care of our baby.

But if he goes away, it will be sad for us and they go and bless him. On the other hand, Mansi goes out and calls someone and says see if Neeraj has given any money to anyone lately. If she knows that you will do this work, Neeraj will think in her mind that you will have her and come back towards the function hall. Then Sharadamma, Mansi you also come and say that I am a Godrali, Mom in law, that I am not able to have children.

The scar on me in all of your eyes says that I am not good at removing glasses. Sharadamma says Mansi you are the first to spoil any good time. He says what is the lie in what he said, he has no right to bless mami Vadini, I have no right too, I have done wrong, I am sorry Dada, I have hurt your heart. Jende, on the other hand, goes to Anu and says that Vardhan is very interested to see the family heritage.

Arya sir blesses me with courage, strength, intelligence and your goodness, I am very much looking forward to the birth of the unborn child. On the other hand Mansi gets a call and goes out. Your suspicion is correct, Madam Neeraj sir, money was given to a person and the person hangs up the phone saying that Janardhan also came to the office the other day. Surprised, Mansi wonders if all this was done with a well-planned plan.

On the other hand, Anjali and Yadagiri come towards the same function hall. Meanwhile, last time the seamant was stopped in Mansi’s mind, so this time they put it. It also thinks what will be done if it stops. Let’s see what happens next in tomorrow’s episode.


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