Profit made should be distributed to every doorstep: CM Jagan with public representatives

CM Jagan asked the public representatives of the party to deliver the benefit made by the state government to every doorstep. CM Jagan met MLAs, MLCs and party leaders today.

AP CM YS Jagan Conducts meeting YSRCP MLAs in Tadepally

First Published Feb 13, 2023, 7:48 PM IST

Hyderabad: AP CM YS Jagan has asked party MLAs and MLCs to deliver the benefits to the people. On Monday, CM Jagan met with party public representatives, YCP district presidents and regional coordinators at the camp office. CM Jagan gave a presentation on the campaign ‘You are our future Jagananna’. Election code is in force in other districts of the state except Krishna and Guntur districts. Jagan also advised the party leaders to ensure that there are no violations of the Election Code. It is informed that it has been decided to organize this campaign from March 18 this year. Before this campaign, training will be conducted for household heads and Pachiwalaya convenors.

On the other hand, Jagan reviewed the performance of public representatives on our government. It is reported that CM Jagan has taken a class for public representatives who are not taking the program of our government seriously. There are three or four MLAs who have not been organized by our government even for a single day.

On the other hand, for three or four days, some MLAs have organized a program for Gadaba Gadaba. This Dafa too, CM Jagan has commented that the performance of around 30 public representatives is not good. CM Jagan received a report that the MLAs are limited to the Gadapa Gadapa program for 34 days. In this meeting, CM Jagan read out the names of the MLAs who did not take our government’s program seriously.

CM Jagan expressed confidence that he will win the MLC elections of local bodies. The CM said that teachers and graduates should win the MLC elections.

Jagananna will conduct the program campaign from March 18 to 26. He will explain to the public about the programs undertaken by the previous government and the programs of Jagan’s government. He explains how Jagan’s government has done better than the previous government. The CM suggested that the secretariat conveners should coordinate the house managers. In this meeting, the CM announced that our government has organized a program for Gadapa Gadapa within the 7,417 secretariats of the state.

Last Updated Feb 13, 2023, 8:23 PM IST

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