Promises should be implemented: Satyavati Rathore on women’s reservation

New Delhi: Telangana Minister Satyavati Rathore reminded that BJP supported the Women’s Reservation Bill when it was in opposition.

Ministers Sabitha Indra Reddy and Satyavati Rathore arrived in New Delhi on Thursday night to participate in the initiative led by Bharat Jagruti seeking to introduce the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Parliament.

Minister Satyavati Rathore spoke to the media today at the initiation camp at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Minister Satyavati Rathore said that they demand the implementation of the promise given earlier. Satyavati Radhod reminded that the political parties have not implemented the promises made in the matter of women’s reservation. Satyavati Rathore said that this initiation was started to put pressure on the parties regarding this matter.

19 parties will participate in the initiation initiated by Kavitha. CPM National General Secretary Sitaram Yechury will initiate this initiation. Kavitha invited Sitaram Yechury to initiate this initiation yesterday. Representatives of women’s organizations belonging to various parties in the country will participate in this initiative. CPI National General Secretary D. Raja is not participating in this initiation as he has undergone surgery. Narayana, National Secretary of CPI, will participate in this initiative. A heavy police force was deployed in the wake of the protest against women’s reservation at Jantar Mantar.



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