Puri’s younger brother who wants to be killed.. The teaser is interesting

Actor Sairam Shankar made his debut with the movie 143 as the successor of star director Puri Jagannath. Although he got good recognition with the first film, it did not click as expected. Even though he was a big director like his elder brother…, he was left behind as a commercial hero. Opportunities are coming as a hero.. Hits are not coming at the level of achieving a star image. It was not because of Puri that he took the responsibility of ruining his younger brother’s career. But taking a gap and now Sairam Shankar is coming to prove himself once again.

Sairam Shankar ..is ready to make noise with his latest movie Vey Daruvey. Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej was invited to release the teaser of this movie. After releasing the teaser of this movie, he praised that the teaser is very interesting. He appreciated that it is increasing the curiosity to watch the movie. Sai Annaki director and producer said thanks to everyone that the film should definitely be a success in Telugu. Take a look at the teaser.

Hero Hero Sai Ram Shankar said that he is very happy to release the teaser at the hands of Supreme Sai Dharam Tej. He said that two songs from their film have been released so far and they have received good response. Director Naveen Reddy said..He thanked Saidharam Tej for releasing the teaser. Naveen Reddy said, “I think I have conquered the trust placed in me by my team.”

Naveen Reddy said that he is happy that the teaser of his film has been released by Saidharam Tej and it has turned out very well as expected. Producer Devaraj said that the film will be released in the summer of this year.


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