Radium Poem : Life cycle

Read the poem ‘Jeenachakram’ written by Radium from the old city of Hyderabad saying ‘All pleasure is hell – all sorrow is pain’ here.

Telugu Poem Written by Radium

First Published Feb 12, 2023, 2:46 PM IST

He is limping to death
She eats lives
He is limping for life
She will die
She is him
He is her
In whatever
In the community
Wanted to survive…
Death is the truth of birth
The same is true of soil
natural death
Unnatural death
Cowards die an unnatural death
The life cycle of the foundation of society…
Like Karta Karma Kriya
Such a good sentence
There must be life
Icebergs will melt
The hills crumble and slide to the ground
Bow to nature
Everything works
Exploration is the work of man
Practice is everyone’s duty
Life is between birth and death
In hardships and pleasures
Happy life
All happiness is also hell
All sorrow is painful
Both sweet and bitter are balanced
That is the cycle of life

Last Updated Feb 12, 2023, 2:46 PM IST

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