Rajasingh’s anger on MP Arvind.. Internal quarrels revealed.

MP Dharmapuri Arvind Bandi refuted Sanjay’s comments. He said that Sanjay’s comments have nothing to do with the party. Arvind concluded that Sanjay’s comments were personal.

Rajasingh protested against MP Arvind.

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 4:38 AM IST

Internal quarrels in Telangana BJP have come to light. Recently, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay’s comments on MLC Kavitha’s comments are causing a stir. Rose leaders strongly condemn these comments. Protests were held across the state. If this is the case.. Bandi Sanjay is facing opposition in his own party. His comments were rejected by MP Dharmapuri Arvind of that party. He said that he will not defend the comments made by the MLC on Kavitha.

Sanjay said that his comments were personal and had nothing to do with the party. It is worth pointing out that it would be better for him to take back his comments on Kavitha, but instead of the BRS ranks getting agitated over Bandi Sanjay’s comments, it would be better if he answered the questions asked by the investigating agencies and inquiry agencies. Observers believe that Arvind’s comments have once again exposed the internal differences in the party.

On Arvind’s comments in this context Goshamahal MLA Rajasingh He responded in his own style. Bandi demanded that Arvind’s comments on Sanjay be withdrawn. Rajasingh said that Sanjay did not speak personally but spoke as the party president. Bandi said that if Arvind has any problem, he should talk to Sanjay directly, if you have any doubt, you can talk to him. Moreover you are an MP. He is met in Delhi. But Rajasingh demanded that you (Arvind) take back the comments that you (Arvind) made, saying that it is not right to come and speak in direct media. Rajasingh Dhima expressed that it is not correct to make comments on each other and BJP is certain to come to power in Telangana.

Women’s Commission notices to Bandi Sanjay

The State Commission for Women issued notices to MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar for his comments on BRS MLC Kavita. The women’s commission directed them to attend the hearing at the office on March 15 at 11 am. While criticizing the poem, he made objectionable comments, BRS was furious. The Women’s Commission has become serious in this order. Bandi Sanjay’s comments were taken as Sumoto by the Women’s Commission. An inquiry was also ordered. On the other hand, BRS women representatives also expressed their anger on Sanjay’s comments.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 4:38 AM IST

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